Barrar’s Committee Explores the Impact of a Firefighter Cancer Presumption


HARRISBURG – Rep. Steve Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware), majority chairman of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, this week hosted a public hearing on potential changes to the Firefighter Cancer Presumption Act.


“I held the hearing so the committee could move toward three goals: get the insurance trusts back in the market, lower the premium that municipal governments pay for firefighters’ worker’s compensation insurance and ensure that a strong list of cancers remain as presumptions,” Barrar said.


During the hearing, Barrar and committee members heard testimony from lawyers who represent firefighters in health care cases, general counsel for a group fund which provides workers’ compensation coverage and an occupational medicine physician. There were also a number of other associations and individuals who testified to provide a full and fair perspective on the issues. Some topics that were discussed include subrogation, enhanced reporting and prostate cancer as it relates to firefighters.


“The committee and I look forward to continuing the discussion, with input from all stakeholders, about how to best serve our firefighters. I believe this will bring us to the best solution,” Barrar said.


To view footage of the House Veterans’ Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee’s public hearing, click here: