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BEWARE, Mr. Tsipras, BEWARE!

Hellenic News
Hellenic News
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By Dean C. Lomis, Ph.D.

The people of Hellas have spoken and they have given their trust to the rhetoric and promises of SYRIZA, wondering and hoping that its statements are not vague as those of the Delphi Oracle, but that as somehow the ancient Priestess’s obscure offerings were interpreted correctly.

SYRIZA’s far-left leaning is not in the mainstream of the “philelephthero” Greek spirit which its glorious ancestors bequeathed, and that Hellenic mentality has been maintained through the eons. This Greek “free” spirit cannot consider a system that is not of its own birth, and especially one that has expired and was buried by the inheritors of its failed offerings.

The people of Greece have taken a stand — a financial stand — against injustices created by irresponsible leaders, oligarchs, and foreign opportunists. The voters have decided to take an alternate course in the hope that a leadership that will put in effect a financial order of equal responsibility of monetary equality will take the country out of the road to the abyss.

Certainly tough stance against unreasonable austerity measures is not only necessary but required. However, the new approach must be careful not to disturb Greece’s dangerous position in the geopolitical map and arena.

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‘Chatter’ indicates that the newly-elected Greek authorities are considering the possibility of approaching Russia for assistance,

or considering Russian offerings for assistance. Certainly the new Greek leaders must realize that Russia cannot offer much, given its own financial miseries due to its own Turkish-style dastardly invasion and illegal occupation of Ukrainian territory. If Russia were to offer assistance to Greece, it would come not with heavy strings but with heavy ropes, the first one being Greece voting against European Union-proposed additional financial sanctions, given that the vote must be unanimous in order to be valid. Such a negative decision will be nothing more than Greece endorsing the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and Turkish military overflights over Greek territories.

‘Chatter’ has also been heard that the new Greek Government might consider retreating from NATO. The consequences of such erroneous move will spell nothing less than an invitation to Turkey to capture the eastern Aegean islands and Thrace that it so feverishly covets. The very fact that the NATO stipulation commands collective action against any nation — from within or from without — attacking a nation of the Alliance is the only ‘protection insurance’ Greece has.

There is also the matter of the Hellenic Diaspora. The new Greek Government has indicated quite strongly that it is interested in working closely with the Greek Omogeneia, something that unfortunately former Greek authorities did not take as seriously as they should have.

However, the Greek authorities must realize that the Diaspora Hellenes, weather by birth or by choice, are vibrant supporters of the land of their abode. This is be especially true of the Greek American communities which will resist any Helladic efforts that may be harmful to America’s best interests. Greek Americans are proud of their ancestry and love the land of their forefathers, but not against any unilateral actions that may be harmful to the land of which they are denizens.

Helladic Greeks and Diaspora Hellenes, especially Greek Americans, must work together for the ‘bilateral’ best interests of both countries. Greek Americans are eager and will listen to Greece’s needs, but Greece must also understand America’s best interests, and working together find the common ground that will serve to the best national interests of both countries.

Good Greek-American relations have a long trail. There have been some weaknesses also, which have contributed to some uneasy tensions. A very good and constant working relationship of the Greek authorities with the Omogeneia can and will produce positive solutions to the bilateral benefit of both countries. As Plato advised: “Nurture Community in the Workplace!”

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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