BRAVO HELLENES. Everyone is down on Greece these days. The press continues to be negative with regards to politics and the economy. I visit every three or four years and I actually see some things improving in Greek society that may not be noticed at first glance. Here is my list: 1. The Greeks are smoking less. You see this in homes as well as outdoors. Even the smokers go outside of their houses to smoke so as not to expose others to second hand smoke. This is good health news. 2. The Greeks are more animal friendly. You see dogs on leashes. People cleaning after their dogs. You see pet grooming businesses. 3. More Greeks are wearing motorcycle helmets. Helmets reduce fatalities by one half and this is definitely great news with regards to road safety. Unfortunately they continue to not use their seat belts. 4. The Greeks are throwing away less food. When the economy was strong I used to see a lot of food being thrown away. Now it is taken home in packages to be eaten or given to a pet. 5. The Greeks have better services due to some privatization. Who could forget going to an OTE in the past and dealing with non caring staff. I was recently at an COSMOTE and was very impressed by their work ethic and service. 6. The Greeks have become more philanthropic. I don’t mean that they are donating money. When the economy was booming in the past I saw a lot of arrogance and snobbiness. Now that things are financially tight I sense feelings that are more humanistic a sense of we will do this together. What do you think do you agree or disagree? These are just my observations. Are there more? Am I wrong? I would like to know what you think.