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Seven-time Emmy award-winning actor and producer Kristos Andrews chatted with Markos Papadatos about the upcoming 10th anniversary of “The Bay,” where he has played the lead role of Pete.

American philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said the following inspirational quote: “Men are born to succeed, not to fail.” Kristos Andrews is such a man.

The Bay, created by Gregori J. Martin, has been releasing classic clips on IGTV, as part of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the show. “It’s always gratifying to know your work, or that of the people you care about is being enjoyed rather than shelved or inaccessible. Also, it’s rather decent enough quality considering the minor scale of resources the show began with. Most of all, it’s nice to be able to provide the audience with the background information on each major character’s lead up to exist in their current state of affairs,” he said.

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On his daily motivations, he said, “Aside from the lovely family and friends I have, I am motivated by the fact that the mystery of life unveils itself a little more each day. There’s typically a drive toward the big goals in life, then there’s a sense of appreciation about details and the fluctuations we can’t predict along the way. I’m motivated by that shining light I see ahead, a bit like the light at the end of the path, yet I am motivated by the beautiful stretch of the path itself. The career choices and life decisions we make; well if we’re to be honest with ourselves, nothing looks the same from the outside looking in as it does from the inside.”

Andrews continued, “It’s important that the doing of it motivates you more than the label or title of what you’re doing. I’m happy to say that what I do in life satisfies me on a core level, beyond the title to it. I’m grateful that I got into this with less drive and passion than what has grown in me today, based on a greater understanding of what it is I do, from the inside now.”

“Life is a journey, and it’s all meant to be,” he acknowledged. “Each pleasure and each pain, it’s meant to be. This career path helps me accept things as part of the bittersweet beauty of being human, much more than I would have accepted had I chosen another path. So, here I am popping out of bed each day with a better understanding than I had yesterday. The sense of gratitude that exists about it is what motivates me every day.”

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When asked what his top three favorite scenes were as Pete over the last decade in The Bay, he said, “I felt the whole tone of the show made it to the next level of intensity in the scene I had to physically lift Janice up and out of my sister’s funeral when she showed up shaming it. It was a ridiculous push-pull dichotomy of feelings, where I cared for Janice so much, yet it’s family first and had to defend their honor. We had a whole big blow out in the pretty courtyard outside the funeral. Poured our guts out and stuff. Good times. This was also the episode submitted for when the show got its first Emmy win, so after some kudos from the talented team we both took it a little personal and were very proud of our work together.”

“The scene where the arranged marriage between Pete and Vivian was realized as actual love,” he said. “People often expect me to mention the obvious; the pool kissing or bedroom scenes, which are also great (laughs) but what I get the most gratification from is gaining a true understanding at heart with my love interests. The energy between Karrueche and I seems to fluctuate nicely with one another’s, it’s nice the way we can authentically bounce off one another.”

“This scene where I’m distraught over a tragedy that happened to Janice, and even then, Vivian, rising above the fear of jeopardizing our own relationship we’ve built, tells me I should still go to her out of selfless care for another human being. That really struck me about the fact that this girl is just an angel. Even when she has the easiest opportunity to lack courage; trust, and protect the ground she stands on like I feel most do, she chooses not to… for the sake of others. That was it! No other quality could have had me that touched,” he said.

“The scene had a life of its own. It was a spectrum of feelings, and I came out of it with greater understanding about what type of a future wife to look for (laughs) and it also opened me up further to the ‘friends first’ notion because it allows more capacity to build the most important thing; trust, before diving all the way in,” he added.

Another favorite scene is the one of him in the hospital where he is just losing his mind in front of the coffee machine. “What a variety of emotions to go through, it was a roller-coaster ride. I get a kick out of the variety that can apply to some scenes like this where it goes from standoffish, to livid, to helpless, to faithful again. It’s just a trip and as weird as it all was, to truly commit to the feelings and let them have their way with you, leaves you with a greater understanding about what the heck it means to be a human being,” he explained.

“In many ways, this craft we call ‘acting’ is the art of being human. We exercise all aspects of our human existence, pulling things from the light and the dark, the whole spectrum, something real life can’t guarantee the experience of. Just because it’s a fabricated circumstance with the script, lights, and camera, it doesn’t mean your feelings have to be a lie. That’s the key to me. For the feelings to arrive at the place where your heart registers it as a real feeling to experience. This is the whole point. We’re no more serving the story and audience than the potency and growth of our very soul,” he elaborated.

This September, The Bay will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. “It’s not an easy feat for a show to last this long. We’re all proud of it. We made it to the decennial anniversary. And with the deals going on worldwide, along with the content that keeps being churned out even better, along with the green light on a full-on spin-off, which is now in post-production… the show is only doing better than it has ever before. Only further onward and upward momentum. Of course, we’re all just taking it day by day as far as what’s going on in society regarding COVID, but also I know Gregori J. Martin wants to do a little something fun, or maybe something big, depending on how things are looking. Either way, it’s humbling as well as something we can all be very proud of, to get to this point of longevity. I’m very thankful for it.”

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He also offered the following advice during the COVID-19 pandemic: “Stock up on some goods and food that will last, just to be safe. Stay inside, stay safe and stay healthy. Keep a close eye on how you can support your immune system. Take vitamin C, D, and zinc. If you feel bored, call a loved one or friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Read, research, take in information about the things that fascinate you. If you’re not sure what fascinates you, just meditate on that idea and you’ll think of a few things I assure you. Learn new skills and learn a new language perhaps.”

Andrews continued, “Learn how to cook, learn new workouts… I may come around to actually trying to do yoga for the first time (laughs). Watch movies and TV shows you never had the chance to see. Most of all, keep yourself in a positive place where you know this will eventually pass. Now is no more a time to be afraid, than it is a time to reset, readjust, and strengthen your understanding toward yourself, and toward life, so you can re-enter it even stronger after this time.”

For dedicated fans, he remarked about the remainder of Season 5, “There is more closure on a few current show topics as well as a whole new thing; an exciting and mysterious journey to the beautiful Turks and Caicos tropics. Pete’s on a mission to get to the bottom of what this eerie family curse is all about, unveil some unknown family history in the process, and return a very scary and powerful little relic to its rightful resting place.”

In addition to Pete landing in Turks and Caicos, we have Riley, Evan, Lianna, Tamara and the whole Romantica posse who came out to accompany Pete, based on Riley’s hunch not to let him venture out there alone. “That was kind of her. Some crazy things happen, as well as some very tender moments, which I look forward to the audience experiencing with us,” he concluded.


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