Hellenic News of America spoke with Ioanna Giannopoulos, Director of Operations for HPR-Cosmos FM 91.5 and shared what is the most rewarding part about being part of this wonderful organization.   

“Since 2001 that I joined Cosmos FM, I realized immediately the mission of the organization, to preserve our heritage with distinction, and felt very strongly about it. It has been the most challenging and at the same time rewarding journey. Working closely with our volunteers creating daily bi-lingual programming, promoting our heritage, our culture, our language, our music, our issues to the Greek American community as well as Philhellenes is rewarding. Cosmos FM is a non-profit supported by its members, therefore, making it the independent voice of the tri-state area. With everyone’s support, Cosmos FM will continue to air the stories, the achievements and struggles of our community, and maintain a strong connection between the Hellenic Diaspora and Greece.  Our volunteers and our faithful audience have been the most rewarding journey.”