by Nick Christophers


“By nature I am a passionate person in anything I do. When I was young I found my love for art through my cousin who watched me. I was a restless child so she gave me some paint and an aisle and told to make whatever I want. It basically relaxed me and I found it as a way of expressing myself. Art was like a therapy to me.”

Elena Kay

Elena, a Greek-American,  would build on that experience and decide to take classes at Pratt and The New School and completed her BA at the New York Institute Of Technology. Her work is diversified as it crosses many feelings, stories, and experiences. One of her favorites is a piece called “Somebody” which is when she began painting with her fingers in 2012. Many of her pieces are personal and sometimes reflect her inner thoughts. Yet she does shy away from any political innuendos.

Since she began taking her art to another level she has had many shows in the Tri-State area and overseas. Her first was a group exhibit at the Leslie-Lohman Gallery in Soho which was followed with solo exhibits at the Chelsea Room, Chelsea Hotel, at the Dumbo Loft, Brooklyn and the Empire Room, Empire State Building and has exhibited her work in different venues in Athens, Greece.

Only recently her show at the Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn was a huge success and the first time she was able to show all her work. Her theme for the show was tagged “Let’s Fall In Love” which seemed fitting for how it was all set up and the pieces that were displayed. After the success of this show, she was hired to do live painting in front of an audience at the Paramount in Long Island. It was a huge success as people got an up-close and personal look at how an artist puts their heart and soul into their work.

“Sometime art does not get the appreciation it deserves. But once they start engaging them you can change their perception. This was especially true when I painted in front of them with my fingers rather than a brush.”

Elena was also interviewed about her work on the show “Date Night w/ Connie & Chrissy“ in 2017 which enabled her to show off some of her work and discuss her love affair with the world of art. Besides painting, Elena had also dabbled with sculpture and created three wire sculptures. Yet her focus and expertise is in painting. One of Elena’s subjects of her work was her dog Rocco, who unfortunately passed on. Rocco had a whole clothing line called PunkRocco which was a hit with kids. The adorable dog sometimes pops up in her work and his spirit is one element that still motivates Elena to keep moving onward and upward. Elena paints in different mediums; clothes, canvas, walls, and even body paint. Whatever it maybe she will paint on it.

Currently, she has taken off to Miami, Florida for the 6th Annual PopUp Art Gallery Exhibition entitled “Fearless Artist” during Miami Art Week. Elena is excited for the event and looking to expose her work and develop more fans and connections with other artists. She has lived by a strict motto “Art Is Everywhere – Open Your Eyes”! Elena, also known as “Erocksny” is an artist whose work is motivational and inspirational if you have a chance to catch her next show you won’t be disappointed.