Honoring and Celebrating Catherine Tsea at Retirement Luncheon By Catherine Tsounis

‘Peace in the world and the health and welfare of my family is my concern,” said Catherine Tsea. This exceptional St. John’s University administrator had her retirement celebration on December 6th, 2016. Mrs. Catherine Tsea, assistant to Dr. John Spiridakis, is retiring after 36 years of service. The luncheon was held Tuesday afternoon at D’Angelo Hall. The program included: John Spiridakis, Professor of Education Specialties, Master of Ceremonies; Audrey Murphy, Associate professor; Della Dekay, Assistant Professor and remarks by Catherine Tsea. A reception followed. Prominent New York City educators and administrators attended.
Mrs. Tsea assists in the normal on-going activities of screening and recruiting new students, writing grant proposals, organizing workshops and seminars and background screening of scholarship winners. Born and reared in flushing, she worked as an administrator at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Flushing.
“The best thing about St. John’s University is the general camaraderie of people you get involved with your co-workers,” she said. “There’s a nice atmosphere toward one another. I have enjoyed my association with the people I have come in contact with. I’m very content here.”
She explained she has “a kind of quality where a student or stranger will sit down and open their thoughts. I must have a very good ear for them…I try to be a good listener. I value that friends feel comfortable with me. Certain things are not important enough to break up those friendships. You have to go beyond that and rise above it”.
“I hope that my grandchildren will grow up as wholesome and beautiful as their parents,” she continued. “I’m very proud of my daughters and my sons-in-law. I feel that I have been granted two instant sons. My grandchildren are fun for us…You have to show your children that family is an important part of your life. They in turn will pick up on that, if they see harmony. I think that I have accomplished all that I wanted. But I would like to travel in the future and engage in my choral singing.” Mrs. Catherine Tsea will be missed by all.

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Photo 1 – Mrs. Catherine Tsea.

Photo 2 – Dr. John Spiridakis (left) with Mrs. Catherine Tsea (3rd from left) and family.

Photo 3 – – Dr. John Spiridakis (left) presentingan award to Mrs. Catherine Tsea.