Jeffersonville, PA -–World renowned iconographer, Dr. George Kordis has returned once again to St. Sophia Church as it continues it’s ongoing iconography program. This time the focal point of his visit was the Ascension of Christ Icon in the massive archway above the altar. In addition, Dr. Kordis accompanied by his associates Kanellos Kanellopoulos, Chronis Vichos and Alki Pappas painted two murals on opposite walls of the church’s Narthex area featuring both old and New Testament themes.

The acclaimed Kordis group is known for painting murals directly on specially prepared wall surfaces using an ancient Byzantine era egg-tempera formula. Dr. Kordis explained the unique significance of this technique: “mixing pigments with actual egg yolks and a little white wine causes the colors to chemically bond with the plaster so they will never fade”. “In addition, by painting directly on the wall surface, we are able to fully integrate the art and the architecture; it is simply not possible to achieve the same result with canvas.”


The church itself is based on a sixth century design and is the inspiration of architect, Christ J. Kamages of the CJK Design Group based in the San Francisco area of California. Dr. Kordis and his team have decorated churches around the world and since 2010 have significantly entered the U.S. market with more than a half dozen projects to date.

The latest Kordis visit was timed with St. Sophia’s fall Grecian festival which gave festival goers an opportunity to observe firsthand how this ancient religious art form is done. Dr. Kordis even conducted a demonstration of icon painting during one evening and the icon he produced will be auctioned off at an upcoming fundraising event for the church.


After a brief return trip to Greece, Kordis’ next stop in the U.S. is the St. Nicholas Retreat and Monastery of the Theotokos in Fresno, CA where he and his group have been commissioned for the iconography in the retreat’s chapel among other projects.


“I also hope to return to St. Sophia again in the next year or two”, offered Kordis, “we appreciate the hospitality and support offered by Fr. Peter and the entire community”.


The church of St. Sophia is located at 900 S. Trooper Road, Jeffersonville, PA 19403, for more information or to make a donation please call the parish office at 610-650-8960 or log onto www.stsophiavf.org