Mission in NAPLES – Cycle of meetings with the Greek communities of Italy by the Chairman of the Intergroup Committee for Greeks Abroad A. Triantafyllidis


With all of the representatives of the“Federation of Greek Communities and Brotherhoods of Italy”, who took part in the 10th Conference at the historic building Complesso San Domenico Maggiore in Naples with the Chairman of the Parliamentary Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad Alexandros Triantafyllidis.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee congratulated the Diaspora in Italy and declared the initiative for the establishment of the World Day of the Greek Language and Greek Culture by the UN and the recent restoration of the Street of the Greeks «VIA DEI GRECI» in the center of Naples, the street that passes in front of the first Church (1518) of the Apostles Peter and Paul of the historical diaspora outside of Greece, following the fall of Constantinople. This street, after centuries, had been abolished as “Greek Street” by the fascist regime of Mussolini in 1923 and reverted now by the philhellene mayor of Naples Luigi de Matzistris.

Alexandros Triantafillidis in his speech stressed the need for unity of Hellenism and enlisting the National Center and the Diaspora in the common struggle to overcome the crisis of Memorandums with the main goal for the Society to remain upstanding.“Your Motherland calls for your endeavor to change Greece by changing correlations in Europe. Key is the condition for the Solidarity of the Peoples against the Arrogance of the Markets. This is the Europe we want to build, in this open, welcoming, democratic and human Europe, we want to our children to live far away from racism, fascism and xenophobia, in a climate of security, and equality before the law.”

Present at the conference of the Greek Diaspora of Italy was the president of the “The Philhellenic Society of Italy,” the former mayor in the region of Naples Marco Galdi.

The participants at the end of this Conference elected a new council of nine with thenew President Olga Nassi from the area of Messina. The new Vice President elected Charalambos Tsolakis is from the district of Palermo and the new Secretary Andreas Andreou is from the region of Naples. The new treasurer is Mathaios Giannisopoulos from the area of Milan, and members of the Board were elected: Maria Pia Orrou, Athanasios Liossis, Takis Karytinos, Kostas Michos and Dimitris Pochos.