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Featured Greek NewsNemesis - The Turks see Greece as easy prey

Nemesis – The Turks see Greece as easy prey

Hellenic News
Hellenic News
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By Evaggelos Vallianatos

There’s no doubt Turkey poses a real threat to Greece. Turkey’s continuing violations of Greek sovereignty have forced the Greek government into a corner. Greece practices a “defensive” policy towards her Moslem neighbor. Turkish warships and warplanes violate the Aegean Sea and Greek airspace.

Turkish agents and local Greek Moslems of Turkish persuasion are bribing their ideology on many of the remaining Greek Moslems of Thrace. They keep subverting Greece unhindered by any Greek official. There’s also a Turkish bank in Thrace that lends only to Moslems – at three percent. Greeks borrow from Greek banks but pay more than ten percent interest. This means that Moslems buy Greek land. Moslems also have larger families than Greeks. All these calculated pro-Turkish gains in Thrace add more pain to the existing bleakness of austerity.

The agency responsible for the undermining of Greek Thrace is the Turkish consulate in the Greek Thracian town of Komotini.

You visit the Moslem villages in Thrace and you rarely see a Greek flag or a policeman. Turkish propaganda is convincing many Greek Moslems they should see themselves as Turks. These newly minted Turks are talking loudly about an independent Thrace eager to join Turkey. The Turkish foreign minister shows off his hubris with his lecturing the foreign ministers of the EU that Thrace has a Turkish minority.

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This not so secret “smart” Turkish warfare against Greece has been taking place since the 1950s when both countries “joined” NATO. The American bosses of NATO pretend they see and hear nothing in the Greek-Turkish conflict. They supply both Turks and Greeks with weapons and indoctrinate them into the NATO legions.

In contrast to the Greeks who have been faithful but naïve followers of American policies, the Turks, exactly like their fierce medieval leaders, refuse to buy American ideology.

Turkey’s “democracy” is like lipstick. Its ephemeral attractiveness confuses guilt-ridden Europeans and Americans who give credit to Turkey for “human rights” and “religious freedom.” They do that because of the abysmal political regimes in the Middle East. At least Turkey says it is a democracy. But the real reason America embraced Turkey was the cold war. Turkey borders Russia.

But underneath the delusion of a secular and democratic Turkey, there’s war between Turkey and its huge, 28-million strong, Kurdish minority. And there’s also a real Turkey hiding under Islam or, more accurately, Islam disappearing behind Turkey’s modern mask. Moslem faithful are the soldiers of Turkey.

The Turks see Greece as easy prey.

Indeed, the Turks are, once again, reliving their Ottoman imperial past. They adapt America’s rhetoric about terrorism and security to their ends, pretending they champion international security. They try to convince America’s military leaders and NATO they ought to be NATO’s lieutenant in southeastern Europe.

They even have Greek propagandists in Greece who denounce Greek nationalism and self-reliance in favor of globalization and “free” markets. These American-educated Greeks, including Greece’s political class, sing the appealing but deceptive song of Christians and Moslems living peacefully next to each other. This includes the Greek government and its loyal opposition. This is also the government that since 2009 has been enforcing the killing austerity on the Greek people.

The anti-Greek sentiment of some Greeks reached a shameful climax in early July 2014 at the Democritus University of Thrace. A group of professors teaching philology discarded “Greek” from the name of their department. This telling low self-esteem fits nicely to the sirens of irresponsible mass media in Greece peddling Turkish propaganda serials showing trivialities and sex adventures intertwined with generous and peace-loving Turks living next to prosperous Greeks.

Despite these pro-Turkish proclivities in Greece, Turkey is ever-refining its war against Greece. Its latest weapon is political Islam. Turkey has been funneling a steady stream of illegal Moslem immigrants to Thrace and the Greek islands. These are refugees from the wars in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia. Many of these refugees are probably soldiers of political Islam. In Athens alone they may be as large a population as 800,000. They are demanding and getting a huge mosque facing the Acropolis.

This symbolic gesture, a Christian Greece, that was nearly annihilated by Moslem Turkey, building a mosque at the center of its capital, may turn out to be another suicidal act by a desperate country losing its Hellenic soul. Many Greeks think so.

Constantine Romanos, professor of philosophy at the University of the Aegean, goes further. He said to me and other Greek scholars that, “the building of this grand mosque at the center of Athens is but the nozzle of a gun for the forthcoming Islamization of Greece.”

Time has come for both Greece and the US to wake up. The US does not have much in common with Turkey, a country at war with Western civilization. It violently converted millions of Christians to Islam. And it murdered additional millions of Christians in cold blood. To this day, Turkey denies its crimes against humanity. Political Islam is the civilization of Turkey.

On the other hand, America and Greece share the same values. Greece in ancient times created the foundations of our civilization: democracy, political theory, science, and the arts. Modern Greece has been an ally of America for about a century, and she has fought on the same side in both world wars.

Americaought to order its International Monetary Fund out of Greece. It should also convince the EU to stop destabilizing Greece. The EU and US should fund a strong Greece to resist and defeat Turkey’s subversive Islamic vision. Only a powerful democratic Greece can secure Thrace, shut down the Turkish consulate in Komotini, and bring peace, prosperity and security to southeastern Europe.

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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