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GreeceCyprusOpinion; The race for a new president

Opinion; The race for a new president

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Nikos Chrystodoulides decision to resign as the Foreign Minister on Sunday 9th of January 2022 has shaken Kommatokratia (politicocracy) in Cyprus. During his press announcement he indicated that he would “consider” running as an independent candidate for the 2023 Presidential election. His candidacy has been rumoured for quite some time but nobody anticipated his resignation. Breaking ranks with the ruling party has been the biggest shock of all!

The news was received with anathema for DYSI but especially its president Mr Averof Neophytou who has grand desires as the next president of Cyprus. On the quiet, he cunningly had began his presidential campaign months ago!

Driven by the desire to be the next President of the Republic, Mr Neophytou did not waste time lambasting Mr Chrystodoulides for dividing the Party and jeopardizing his own chances for the overwhelming support of DISY membership. The ruling party it’s now in disarray like never before!

The charismatic foreign minister could not tolerate the backroom conspiracies against his person and he resigned because of principle, a rare quality in the political world of Cyprus! The public welcomed his dignified decision as a breath fresh of air in politics the country has been searching for years! No minister ever resigns on principle and dignity, especially a government minister who enjoys a privileged lifestyle and international recognition!

A large number of the public see Mr Chrystodoulides as an honest politician who offers hope for a better government and social fairness in the future. He may be the Leader who will reinstate people’s trust in the voting system and political establishment, a system ruled by a failed Kommatokratia that has managed to create voter apathy and nearly 50% absenteeism at the polls.

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Before the electorate can decide if it’s to offer their vote and trust to Mr Chrystodoulides, citizens have to sift through his Manifesto but also the Manifesto of all the other candidates.

If he can back it up with practical and cost-substantiated solutions there is a chance for his election. One must never forget that the Cypriots have been betrayed by Political Parties many times and are tired of unfounded electoral promises of the past. The betrayal of Bail-in in 2013 (and others) is a prime example!

In the end, a well-informed citizen always makes well-informed decisions!

Andreas Ch Chrysafis
Author/ Article writer/ Artist
January 13, 2022

Andreas C Chrysafis is a UK published author of five books and over 450 press articles but also a recognized artist. He is not political affiliated but a strong advocate for Democracy, Transparency, Equality and Human Right and a robust opponent to Corruption. His works are globally available and can be viewed at:

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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