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Friday, January 27, 2023


A day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

The Argentine capital of Buenos Aires is fond of calling the Uruguayan city of Colonia del Sacramento their “48th barrio.” It’s not imperialism or...

Love at first bite at Athens To Kati Allo

It was the same for Jennifer Hoenig, “It was love at first bite,” describing her dinner at To Kati Allo when she first met...

Discovering the meaning of pride in Puerto Vallarta

Pride in customer service, pride in quality ingredients and pride in living in such a lush environment was palpable as I walked this city.

Small Distinctive Hotels of Costa Rica touch the soul

Small Distinctive Hotels are not for the budget traveler but each property touched the soul in unexpected ways.

Twenty good Florida eats in Saint Petersburg

A relaxed Gulf of Mexico life style and plenty of Florida sunshine draw residents and tourists to a plethora of dining options in Saint Petersburg

Four serene destinations in timeless Jordan

by Marc d'Entremont To awake in silence within the Valley of the Moon in the land of Jordan’s King, gives provenance to a feeling of...

The historic beauty of Jordan

by Marc d'Entremont Everything about Jordan is rooted in the past but what a past – Moses glimpsed the Promised Land at Mt. Nebo, the...


By Penelope Karageorge   With brilliance and humor, five outstanding artists presented their views on the role of the artist in society at New York’s Onassis...

Mexican New World Cuisine at Festival Gourmet International

                              by Marc d'Entremont Slow braised, banana leaf wrapped Angus beef short ribs, or vegan tofu and hazelnut stuffed beetroot to fresh shucked oysters topped with...


By: Aurelia “And therefore I have sailed the seas and come to the holy city of Byzantium.” - W.B. Yeats I don’t remember the exact date...

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