PM Tsipras in NYC for 73rd UN General Assembly

“We had to deal with the highest refugee flows in post-war European history. We did this while respecting international law and human rights” said Prime Minister Tsipras addressing the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York.

“We are actively promoting stability and economic growth in the Balkans, through a policy of resolving issues with our neighbors that unlocks their perspective to join the EU and other international organizations of their choice” he said referring to Greece’s foreign policy and added that “in Greece, not only did we manage to stay standing, overcoming the difficulties, but beyond that – we became part of the solution, rather than the problem, in Europe and the broader region.”

Earlier in the week, PM Tsipras addressed the “Nelson Mandela” Peace Summit. “Social progress and peace are not given. They are earned through struggle and compromise” said PM Tsipras, while explaining the steps that Greece has taken towards financial recovery, protection of human rights and handling the refugee crisis. Additionally, PM Tsipras spoke at the Concordia Summit 2018, where he highlighted that Greece is determined to work with its friends and allies to face the challenges that lie ahead.

During his stay in NYC, PM Tsipras met with various world leaders including the UN Secretary General António Guterres, Turkish President R. T. Erdogan and the President of Bolivia Evo Morales, as well as with investors and business executives of Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He also addressed the Global Hope Coalition‘s Annual Dinner, where he received an award for the stance of Greece on the refugee crisis. “I accept this award on behalf of the Greek people, because the citizens of Greece are those who deserve credit and praise.[…] We are proud because at the time when other countries in Central Europe were building walls and fences, the Greeks opened their hearts,” PM Tsipras said.

Mr. Tsipras also attended a reception, organized by the Greek Consulate General in NY, where he met with members of the Greek Diaspora and expressed his gratitude to the Greek expatriates for their important efforts, praising their confidence that Greece could overcome the great difficulties and stand on its feet again.


Courtesy of the Embassy of Greece–Washington, DC