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Hellenic News
The copyrights for these articles are owned by HNA. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of HNA and its representatives.

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Samaras and Venizelos, Laurel and Hardy of Greek politics, try to please Merkollande on immigration, in order to forget their hoodwinks on Troika! But Cecilia Malmstroem declares it is more important than ever for us to stand up against the rising tide of anti-immigrant rhetoric. Unscrupulous politicians have been quick to recognize and exploit people’s fears, blaming migrants for our economic woes. Their mantra will be familiar to most of you: migrants are coming over here, taking our jobs, forcing down our wages and exploiting our welfare systems.

Malmstroem laments this statement is alarmist, misleading and wrong. It is the worst kind of politics, exploiting people’s insecurities and worries about the future. The proposed solutions are simplistic, ill-thought out and simply unworkable.

Malmstroem points out we must counter such assertions with facts. And we must recognize that reliable evidence is the best defense. We must use the evidence to show that immigrants are not stealing jobs from native-born workers. We must show that well-designed migration policies are not driving down the wages of native workers. And we must make clear that migrants generally pay more in taxes than they receive from the state. They are not a structural burden on the overall public welfare system.

Greek police rounded up five thousand dark-skinned people in Athens over the weekend, but detained a dozen hundred undocumented immigrants. The bottom line is that migration stimulates and sustains economic growth. Migrants should not be unjustly blamed for society’s ills. This is the message that we must promote. If worldwide immigration were to be even slightly loosened, this would help the global economy. Over time we would all become richer. The best way to raise global wealth is a free flow of people and products, to tear down all borders.

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Asians and Africans use Greece as a gateway into Fourth Reich. Fuehrer Merkollande does not understand the function of borders. A border is not
properly a barrier for the purpose of keeping foreigners out; it is properly a
boundary designating the area in which the government must protect rights.
Rights-respecting foreigners who want to cross that boundary in order to enjoy
the relative freedom and abundant opportunity in a country have a moral right to
do so.

Police also carried out a roundup on a similar scale near the Turkish border of Evros river, because of European concerns about a potential influx of refugees from Syria. Citizens who want to associate with foreigners in rights-respecting ways,
whether through friendship, romance, recreation, or commerce, have a moral right
to do so. And citizens who do not want to associate with foreigners have a moral
right not to associate with them. But no one, including the government, has a
moral right to prevent anyone from acting on his judgment.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias says the operation was not a temporary measure and would continue. Open immigration does not mean that anyone may enter the country at any location
or in any manner he chooses; it is not unchecked or unmonitored immigration.
Open immigration means that anyone is free to enter and reside in a country,
providing that he enters at a designated checkpoint and passes an objective
screening process, the purpose of which is to keep out criminals, terrorists,
enemies of the country, and people with certain kinds of contagious diseases.
Such a policy is not only politically right; it is morally right.

The weekend crackdown tries to cool down any negative report from Troika on the economy. Troika announced the completion of its mission to Athens on Sunday, and is due to return to Athens in early September. Stournaras declares Greece is committed to implementing a series of measures and reforms to revive the economy and permanently remove the threat of bankruptcy. He hoodwinks that Greeks must endure major sacrifices as Laurel and Hardy impose cuts in pay, pensions, and welfare.

Laurel and Hardy face a daunting month as they must prove to Troika that Greece should receive more bailout money. In particular, the government has to show that it can cut a dozen billion euros from its 2013-2014 budget. The Greek bailout is the heroin of Graecokleptocrats. It feels good in the short term for Graecokleptocrats, but it doesn’t help repair the Greek economy, causing more damage, because it gets in the way of a proper recovery. Graecokleptocrats hoodwink that acquisition of their heroin is a heroic act, but heroin is not heroine!

Graecokleptocrats consider Fourth Reich a processor of ESM poppies. But EU’s poppy tears bring Greek tears! ESM is not the opium of the masses. ECB is not a morphine exchange, and Fuehrer Merkollande is not a heroin trader. Dehydrated Greek economy must drink water, not opium latex.

Laurel and Hardy must also pay ECB 3.1 billion euros in bond payments by August 20. Greek debt differs from that of other nations, because it’s not due to spending, but robbing! Graecokleptocrats got huge kickbacks from overpriced purchases of public equipment and contracts and by churning the state insurance funds. If this is not robbing, what is it? When politicians of other nations were trying to do things for their citizens, Graecokleptocrats were trying to fatten their secret offshore accounts, protected by parliamentary immunity. Graecokleptocrats rob Peter not to give Paul, but to themselves! The freakish government of Greece stole my computer and my life!

That’s why the Greek workers are on strike. They resent paying the huge Greek debt created by Graecokleptocrats. It’s not fair to tax and reduce the salaries and benefits of workers to make up for the money stolen by Graecokleptocrats. The fairest action would be for Graecokleptocrats to return the stolen money back to the Greek treasury. Many Graecokleptocrats live like princes of Saudi Arabia! Enough is enough, bring the money back!

Next month, Troika is to announce whether Greece will receive the next instalment of 31.5 billion euros from its second bailout worth 130 billion euros. Graecokleptocrats’ program is already hopelessly behind schedule, in terms of both the sale of government property and the agreed reforms. Graecokleptocrats do many stupid things, such as persecuting dissident bloggers! The freakish government of Greece stole my computer! It’s like dealing with children that constantly have to be told to clean up their rooms. Troika is very angry. Everyone is irritated over the lack of progress and unbelievable stupidity of Graecokleptocrats.

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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