See What’s New for 2017 with the Hermes Trade Route

Our team and the Hermes Expo, the Premier Business Trade Show and Exhibition Conference since 1992, would like to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year while thanking you for your continued support in our endeavors.   With your help the Hermes Expo has grown to become a leading trade show and exhibition networking event in America – promoting commerce, communications and culture with businesses from North America, amongst them  and those from Southeastern Europe.


We invite you to join us between April 24-27, 2017 at the 26th Anniversary of the Hermes Expo where we will introduce the Hermes Trade Route and return to Radisson Martinique Hotel in NY in coordination with the Queens Chamber of Commerce on Monday, April 24, 2017 and The Best Western Hotel in Concordville, PA on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.


See What’s New for 2017 with the Hermes Trade Route


  • Looking Ahead to the Future and introducing the Hermes Trade Route and the expansion to Eurasian Market. We invite you to explore an opportunity to network, form partnerships and discover new opportunities via round table, B2B meetings and networking events.
  • Educational and Networking Seminars – Three years ago, the Hermes Expo successfully launched The Ted Spyropoulos Seminar Series. There will be no shortage of topics this year as examine how the economic circumstances in Greece and Europe affect business here at home and in the greater global context of imports-exports.
  • Hermes  Expo   and   Hermes   Trade   Route   will   host   the   Brandywine   Valley Restaurant Association and its array of purveyors in the Hospitality Industry including Distributors, Brokers and Manufacturers of Foodservice and Non Food.  This unique line-up will promote special products to our community   businesses   and end users  including independent   restaurant   and  hotel  owners,  offering  them  new  technologies,   discounts, deviations, savings and other incentives to participate.


We invite you to renew your sponsorship today. The earlier you register and declare participation, the more choices we create for you.   We will be printing marketing material for the 2017 Hermes Expo soon, as such, your immediate approval of your participation, allows us to use it on more marketing material that reaches more potential customers.


Enclosed please find a description of 2017 Hermes Expo sponsorship opportunities.   If your business has specific needs, the Hermes Expo team can customize a sponsorship package to meet them. We appreciate your continued support of the Hermes Expo.  Please contact us at (610)-446-1463 or  [email protected]  to register or need additional information.



Paul Kotrotsios

Paul Kotrotsios, MBA, Founder & President

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Hermes Expo is the Premier Business Trade  Show and Exhibition Conference since 1992,  that  brings  together  Greek-American   and  American  owned businesses by providing them with a platform to showcase their products and services offering networking opportunities  amongst  them and with those from European  Countries  and vis a vis. Annually,  Hermes Expo  hosts  exhibits,  panel  discussions,  B2B  Meetings  and  educational  seminars  to  help  businesses grow.  The highlight of the day is an Awards Dinner with plenty of networking.

A series of events held annually in New York and suburban Philadelphia, the Hermes Expo combines executive and exclusive level networking opportunities, professional development seminars, educational panels and a trade show exhibition platform for businesses seeking to grow and expand.

Hermes Expo events attract business leaders from diverse industries and professional services. Hermes Expo events feature unique platforms for companies to showcase their products and services in front of potential customers from the United States and Europe.




“Taste of Greece”  @  26th Hermes Expo – Hermes Trade Route– on


Monday, April 24, 2017   Radisson Martinique Hotel 32nd & Broadway, Manhattan, NY      2:00 – 7:30 PM A full program with a Round Table Discussion, B2B Meetings, Mini Exhibits, Featuring Speakers for Importing Exporting and a Networking Reception in coordination with the Queens Chamber of Commerce in New York (partial List)

Open to Trade and Public. Please register on line for your Free Entrance

Tuesday, April 25, 2017  B2B Visit on the sight of Interested Business and professionals, Super Markets, Manufacturers, ..


Travel to Philadelphia


Wednesday, April 26, 2017 11:00AM-5:00PM                                                   Showcase Booth Exhibits, (New Technology, Food Service Distributors, Professional Services, Imports – Exports, Banking & Finance and more…), Networking events, Round Table Discussion, B2B Meetings, Speakers and Seminars, Reception and Awards Dinner at the Best Western Hotel, Concordville, PA on US Rt 1 South & Rt 322, Concordville-Glen Mills, PA Open to Trade and Public. Please register on line for your Free Entrance

Thursday, April 7, 2017     B2B Meetings & Networking Reception, Philadelphia, PA B2B Visit on the sight of Interested Business and professionals, Super Markets, Manufacturers, ..



  1. 1. Establish new business leads
  2. 2. Display your products and services for the world to see and taste
  3. 3. Launch and promote a new concept
  4. 4. Advertise your business and brand
  5. 5. Learn about trends affecting your business
  6. 6. Attend professional development seminars
  7. 7. Discover technologies, products & services that will help your business grow
  8. 8. Expand your Network, Locally, Regionally and on a National Spectrum
  9. 9. Sharing Experiences and learn about Importing-Exporting to European Nations

10  • Increase your business opportunities and choice