thank you to Mr. Paul Kotrosios for the invitation to organize the Romanian Pavilion

I want to thank you to Mr. Paul Kotrosios for the invitation to organize the Romanian Pavilion together with Mr. George Sfedu, Romanian Consul in Philadelphia at this major event- Hermes Expo International.

It is a real opportunity for Romanian companies to exhibit in USA and to present their products and services. In same time it is an opportunity for all participants at this event visitors, exhibitors and guests to learn about Romania, Greek and Eastern Europe products, business services, travel and more direct from companies from every country, which I mentioned before.

Also, I consider Hermes Expo International a bridge for culture in Balkan area and it’s amazing that could happen under a great country like United State of America.

Doing business in Romania

Romania has a market of almost 22 million consumers, 37 million acres of arable land, oil and gas industry, a well-educated workforce in information technology (IT) access to the Black Sea and Asia.

In Romania is very good climates for investments and due to the fact that Romania is part from EU the politic climate and economical is stabile.

These features of Romania have attracted investors in banking, energy, biotechnology, manufacturing, electronic components, cable operation, consumer products, telecommunications and film production, among others

Since Romania’s accession to NATO and the European Union our countries are now in a position, as partners and allies, to promote in a European and Euro-Atlantic context, their common interests as well as those of the entire region.

From my perspective a great opportunity for investments is in green energy and green construction and my company in partnership with local authorities, Chambers of Commerce and non-governmental institutions we start a range seminars and symposium in order to promote companies with activity in this area and to show the benefits in this direction. It is not just a “trend” it is a fact!

Dumitrescu, Consul for Economic Affairs

Consulate General of Romania