Skopje’s imaginary Greek irrationality is unfounded. Skopje hardly meets some of the military criteria set by NATO’s Enlargement program. In addition, the FYROM lacks adherence to the required by NATO preconditions that would allow it to join the Alliance, one of which is the principle of good neighborly relations.

Greece does want stability in the region and because of it has been investing in Skopje creating tens of thousands of jobs. In addition, Greece has no territorial claims on its northern neighbor. The desire of the people and the Slavic-led government in Skopje to incorporate the Greek region of Macedonia into their country is of genuine concern. The festive crowds openly expressed such aspirations during the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the FYROM’s independence.

 The Slavic-led government of the FYROM has silently sanctioned its Slav citizens’ cries and songs for a “United Macedonia,” “United Macedonia” flags, and other irredentist expressions to the point that one may not see it anymore as a matter for domestic populist consumption. The question that arises is, how does Skopje plan to materialize its national goal which now through its aggressive foreign policy it is expressed as its national interest?


Thank you


Marcus A. Templar






Strategic Intelligence is the kind of knowledge a State must possess regarding other states in order to assure itself that its cause will not suffer nor its undertakings fail because its statesmen and soldiers plan and act in ignorance.

Sherman Kent, Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy, Hamden, CT: Archon Books, 1965, 3.