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GreeceBusinessThe importance of diversity in Greek companies - Speech from J. Pyatt

The importance of diversity in Greek companies – Speech from J. Pyatt

Hellenic News of America
Hellenic News of America
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The importance of diversity in Greek companies was at the center of the 3rd Diversity in Business Conference. Greece is one of the 26 countries that have signed the European Commission’s diversity charter.

“In her speech, our President, Ursula von de Layen, reaffirmed her commitment to promoting equality and diversity within the European Union. He said that by defending our values, we are defending freedom “, stressed through an internet connection the deputy head of the EU Roma Non-Discrimination and Coordination Department, Susanna Dorazilova. “This commitment is the ‘heart’ of our work, as we value diversity, an asset,” he added.

The principle of equality, opportunities and diversity that the Charter stands for is increasingly being integrated into the culture of the Alternative Youth Search Cell (KEAN), remarked the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Domna Michailidou. “If once being different was a stigma, today it is a question of the modern business world. “Diversity is more and more often included in business planning”, underlined D. Michailidou.
One of the keynote speakers at the 3rd Business Diversity Conference was US Ambassador Jeffrey Payat. “President Biden has expressed his personal commitment to work with the Greeks to pursue sustainable economic growth in the aftermath of the pandemic. A very important part of accelerating growth is to ensure a work culture in which all workers, including women and minorities, feel safe and supported. “In the United States, President Biden has signed a memorandum to promote human rights for the LGBTQI community around the world.” Payat.

The governor of Attica, George Patoulis, referred to international studies which show that diversity is an advantage in the workplace, as it brings more creativity, better problem-solving skills and increased profitability. “Employees with different backgrounds bring their own perspectives, ideas and experiences. “I am particularly pleased with the consistency and awareness of the Greek business world to embrace the Charter which is an initiative of the European Commission, with the aim of contributing to its best possible implementation”, said G. Patoulis.

The recognition and respect of the different will lead to balance and safety in the work environment, pointed out the president of APE-MPE, Emilios Perdikaris and spoke about the need for a new culture. “In the age of multiculturalism but also of the coexistence of people with different characteristics, we all know that respect for diversity remains in demand. The same goes for the equal opportunities that we should all have both in the microcosm of our work environment, but also in society itself. “We are all different, but we are equal.”
About 17% of the world’s population experiences some form of disability, said the Executive Director of the Themistoklis Foundation and Dimitris Tsatsou – Center for European Constitutional Law, Dr. Maria Mousmouti. “Their purchasing power worldwide reaches $ 6.9 billion, if their families, parents and carers are taken into account. Therefore, in addition to the ethical and ethical part, it is to the benefit of all companies to adapt their products and services (…) The global purchasing power of consumers LOATKI is estimated at 3.6 trillion. dollars, a size that would be equivalent to the fifth largest country in the world, based on GDP. “This public will soon cease to be considered a minority,” he added.
The integration of diversity is efficient and useful for businesses based on all the measurements that have been made, said the founder of Diversity Charter Greece and president of the Alternative Search Cell of KEAN Youth, Stavros Milionis. “It simply came to our notice then. There is a serious reason to state that not only do we respect diversity but we seek it and integrate it into our lives and our daily life (…) It gives value to the business, opens new horizons, increases its profitability “.

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Companies with high integration rates have greater chances of successful penetration in new markets at a rate of 70%, noted the Fthiotida MP of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SY.RIZ.A.), Giannis Sarakiotis: “For these reasons, cultivation is a critical issue. a similar culture in business, as simple observance of rules is not enough, but the adoption of a specific philosophy and worldview is required “.

“Many large Greek companies, institutions and organizations have already endorsed the Charter of Diversity,” he said.the secretary of the Central Committee of the Kinima Allagis, Manolis Christodoulakis: “In the next period, why should Greek companies not be pioneers in the struggle for respect for diversity and equal opportunities in the work environment?”
A company that has integrated diversity is more resistant even to cyber attacks, stressed the head of the Employment and Labor Market Department of SEV, George Nathaniel, explaining: “Because there are many perspectives, different prceptions and the company can prepare more effectively and be more flexible “.


The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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