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Greek CommunityThree successful young Greek-Americans spoke to the HNA about their future, the...

Three successful young Greek-Americans spoke to the HNA about their future, the future of Hellenism and Hermes Expo

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We present you Dr. Ananeas Adamidis, Alexia Tsikouras Pharm D. and Dr. Despina Siolas



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By Dimitri G. Soultogiannis


New York, NY


HNA: What are you doing professionally at this moment? What are your career goals? Plans for the future?


Dr. Ananeas Adamidis: I am currently practicing as a nephrologist in Bergen County, NJ.  I have satisfied a career goal by becoming a partner in a 5-physician group practice affiliated with three hospitals in the region. I plan to continue to provide quality care to patients with kidney disease.  



Alexia Tsikouras: At the moment I am pharmacist with CVS in the Fairmount section of Center City Philadelphia. I am also an adjunct instructor in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, my alma mater! My career goals are to continue doing what I love and that means taking care of patients and making a difference in their overall health!


Dr. Despina Siolas:  I am currently enrolled in the Internal Medicine/Research Track Residency Program at New York University in Manhattan, New York. I was awarded two doctorate degrees from Medical Science Training Program (M.D./Ph.D.) program at Stony Brook University Medical Center on May 18, 2010. I completed a Doctorate of Philosophy in Genetics in May 2008 where the title of my dissertation was “RNA Interference Screens as a Tool for Discovering Gene Function”. My advisor was Dr. Greg Hannon, Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. My undergraduate  Bachelor of Science Summa Cum Laude degree was obtained at St. John’s University in 2001. I plan to subspecialize in oncology and begin my oncology fellowship at NYU in the summer. I would like to pursue a career in translational research working towards finding cancer cures.



HNA: How are you involved with the Young Professionals Initiative and the Hermes Expo or how are you planning on getting involved?


Dr. A.A: Thus far I have been involved as a mentor for the Young Professionals Initiative.  I have given advice to students who are interested in pursuing medicine as a career.  I plan to participate in the upcoming Young Professionals Initiative event in New York City.  I have also been a participant in the Hermes Expo for the past few years.  Last year, I presented a lecture on Home Dialysis at the Expo.   


A.T: I attend the Hermes Expo every year! I am very excited about the youth initiative because I believe it will help bring all the young professionals together to network amongst each other and create contacts for different fields and professions!


DR. D.S: I recently became involved in the YPI last year and was delighted to help young Hellenes prosper professionally. I plan to attend The Hermes Expo this year and become involved with their YPI events. I am also interested in attending their unique medical symposium which will be three credit hour CME event. I am also interested in hearing about the  business aspect of medicine and updates in the financial future of Greece.


HNA: Has your Greek identity helped you excel in your field of study and how do you see the future of hellenism?


Dr. A.A: Being of Hellenic descent has definitely been of aid in my studies in medicine.  Much of the terminology we use has Hellenic roots.  This allows me to figure out what certain words mean when I first encounter them.  We should be very proud of our rich Hellenic language and culture.   Unfortunately, Hellenism is going through a difficult time right now.  The economic difficulties in Hellas have led many to have a lack of hope in the future.  However, Hellenes have pulled through much more difficult times in the past and that should provide some promise for the future.  Hellenism outside of Hellas is also going through difficulties.  As we are progressing through more and more generations, there has been some decline in learning about and practicing our language, culture, and religion.  Although Hellenic groups, institutions, and churches are trying to maintain these traditions, I believe that there also must be a commitment from each individual and family to do so.  I am optimistic that this will happen.


A.T: Being Greek has definitely helped to identify me in my career!! What being Greek means to me is family and togetherness! I try and make all patients feel as if they are being taken care of! I try and give them my undivided attention and advice always!

The future of Hellenism here in the states is very promising due to things such as the Hermes expo and our new Young professionals initiative! It brings Greeks of all different professions together to network and become united!


DR D.S: “A physician is worth more than several other men put together, for he can cut out arrows and spread healing herbs,” said Homer in Book XI of the Iliad. The foundation of modern medicine is traced to the ancient Greeks where doctors made scientific observations, practiced medicine and even performed surgery. The Greek language and the Greek scriptures are responsible for the birth and development of science and the arts. Greek roots are often used to coin new words for other languages, especially in the sciences; Greek and Latin are the predominant sources of the international scientific vocabulary. My study of Modern Greek from elementary school through college aided me in acquiring the knowledge to become a physician.


         My roots are in Arcadia and Chios/Limnos/Asia Minor. The famous Latin phrase “Et in Arcadia ego”. This quote refers to the beauty of the Arcadian landscape that makes one feel that he too was born in Arcadia.  It is the basic love of creation that evolves into the human mind’s pursuit of truth, beauty and good. These lessons have shaped the Arcadian Mission, according to Philosopher Dr. John P. Anton in his 2009 book “Arcadika: Speeches and Studies.” According to the philosopher, “the Arcadian tradition gives one strength to make life worth living in a culture where noble ideas count as much as material wealth. The measure of real success lies in what we are able to give back to society in quality.” These ideas have disseminated outside of Greece and modern Hellenes continue to use them as a driving force for their lives. My greek upbringing combined discipline, strong family bonds and Greek orthodox spiritulatity that enabled me succeed. Socrates declared “he who partakes in the Hellenic Paedeia (that includes Greek culture) is a Hellene.” The Greek thinking and values will likely spread worldwide as modern Greeks emigrate due to the financial crisis.


HNA: Has the Expo and the HYPI helped you in any way? How?


Dr. A.A: The main way the Hermes Expo has helped me is by providing me with the opportunity to meet many other influential Hellenes both within my field and from other fields as well.  I have developed many professional contacts via the Hermes Expo.  Last but not least, I’ve initiated some important friendships through the Expo as well.


A.T: The Expo is a great affair for all! It is a great networking event for all professions. We hope the Young professionals initiative will do the same!


DR. D.S: I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Paul Kotrotsios, a true benefactor of Hellenism. Every year he incorporates new exhibits in his Hermes expo. New countries are added, providing a sense of globalism. Stavroula and Aphrodite Kotrotsios are the heart and soul of the Young Professionals Initiative at the Hermes Expo and the HNA.  Their warmth and down to earth personality encourages all to come. Their vision will help Hermes Expo evolve into a new direction, encompassing all persons of all occupations and backgrounds understand the Hellenic ethos.





The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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