Athens, 14 September 2017


Dear Director, Dear Paul,


With great pleasure I would like to congratulate you for the celebration of thirty years of the “Hellenic News of America”.


No matter how strong the love for the new country stands – and this is true – the links of memory and emotion to the country of origin always remain in the heart.


A structured communication amongst Greeks abroad is always not only constructive but also necessary. To this end, the role of media in “keeping contact with the country of origin”, the organization of joint Greek-American events as the “Hermes Expo International”, as well as the bid of a global Greek-American information to be shared by everyone, is of cardinal importance.


There is a considerable room for cooperation between the two countries. In this context, a promising sector promoting the development of economic relations but also the friendship between the two peoples, is certainly Tourism.


This is the reason why,  I attach herewith my article for the “Development of Touristic Cooperation as a lever in Hellenic – American Relations”.


With my best regards, I would like to wish all the success you deserve and, throughout the “Hellenic News of America” I send my  best wishes to all the people of the Greek Diaspora in the United States.




Karolos Gadis


Mr. Paul Kotrotsios

Founder and Publisher

Hellenic News of America

Karolos  Gadis


Special EPLO Envoy

for the Balkans and Black Sea Countries

[email protected]