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Rev. D. Constantelos, Ph.D.

Rev. Nektarios Cottros

Chris Evangeliou, Ph.D.

Nikos Kolovos, Esq.

Dean Lomis,Ph.D.

Froso Manakos

Demetri Monos, Ph.D.

Aurelia Smeltz

Constantine O. Stephanou

Prof. Panos Yannakogiorgos

Robert Zaller, Ph.D.

Harry J. Karapalides, Esq.

Stavroula Kotrotsios, Esq.

Donald Robbins

Gloria Kins

Bill Petros

Alkistis Gizicky

Linda Kozompolis

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Correspondents & Contributing Editors

Professor Christos Evangeliou

George Moniodis

Georgia Vavas

Pantelis Psoras

Yiorgos (George) Papageorgiou

George Bistis

Gene Rossides

Nick Larigakis

Bill Petros

Jerry Bloom

Chef Marc d’Entremont

Lily Bita

Alex Augunas

Lynn Paitakes Lotkowictz

Eirene Glipti

Sot. Rekoumis

Maria Hatzinakou

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Professor Katherine Tsounis

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Markos Papadatos

Contributing Editor New Jersey: Dr. Panos Yannakogeorgos

Margarita Actipis-Bowden

Stelios Maroulis

Dr. Dean Lomis

George Tsavalas

Angeliki Ioannou

Christos Angelis

Thanasis Boletis

Yorgos Alimonos

Chris Iliopoulos

Nikos Soutopoulos

Alex Rigas

Leonidas Koumakis

Βασίλης Παπαλιάρης

Harry Apostolidis, Esq.

Chris Nikolaides

Chrysa Samou

Dinos Kostopoulos

Dimitris Kolovos

About Us

120,000 – Greek-Americans living with a 50-mile radius of Philadelphia, PA
1,700,000 – Greek-Americans living in the Mid-Atlantic region
2,500,000 – Greek-Americans living in the America
11,000,000 – Population of Greece

Based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Hellenic News is ideally located to reach the approximately 120,000 Greek-­Americans living within a 50-­mile radius of Philadelphia and the 1.7 million Greek-Americans in the Mid-Atlantic region. The Hellenic News of America publishes 12,800 print copies per issue and maintains dynamic and robust digital channels. Print copies are mailed to its subscribers and delivered within the immediate region to key distribution points.

The Hellenic News of America website receives approximately 15,000 unique visits and 22,000 page views per month, with one-fifth of the web views originating from Greece. The Hellenic News maintains a 66,000 name database containing 25,000 emails. This ever growing email list allows The Hellenic News to push its news and advertising content to recipients in every state and in Greece. Additionally, The Hellenic News of America engages its customers through social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Reader Profile

Medium Reader Age 33 yrs
Average Income $60K
Homeowners 87%
Business Owners 69%

(Doctors, Lawyers, etc…) 16%
Car Owners (at least 1 car) 93%

with children 18 & under 57%
no children under 18 22%

18 and under 12%
18 to 34 37%
35 to 55 35%
56 & over 16%