Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Founder & Chairman

Paul Kotrotsios, MBA

CEO & Publisher

Aphrodite Kotrotsios, MS


About Us

Welcome to the Hellenic News of America, a beacon of Hellenism and a unifying force for the Greek American community. With a rich legacy spanning decades, we are not just a news source but a driving force behind informed, inspired, and united Greek Americans.

Our Essence:

The Hellenic News of America is the heartbeat of Greek America, and your response has been our driving engine. We’re committed to informing, enlightening, inspiring, and uniting the Greek American community, a mission we’ve proudly upheld since 1987.

Our Impact:

We understand the need for a strong voice in America. We provide a forum for Greeks to inform and be informed, uniting the Greek consciousness. Our platform empowers the community to preserve and propagate the Greek heritage and identity.

Adaptability and Tradition:

While technology has reshaped the landscape of reporting, we remain steadfast in maintaining the gold standard. We offer true reporting of community events and human interest stories. With a blend of online reporting and a social media presence, we ensure digital access complements our true print form. Our articles are published in both English and Greek, expanding our readership and popularity.

Community Enrichment:

The Hellenic News of America is more than a newspaper; it’s a catalyst for greatness. Through our platform, we’ve connected cities, sparked cultural exchanges, and brought businesses together. We’ve supported scholarships, charitable endeavors, and sponsored numerous events for worthy causes.

Your Role in Our Legacy:

Our success relies on our supporters, readers, and friends. We encourage you to continue sending your letters, community news, event invites, and commentaries. We are your voice, and your input matters. Additionally, your generous advertisements, subscriptions, sponsorships, and event support help us deliver informative and empowering news.

The Power of Subscription:

Maintaining a subscription to the Hellenic News of America is more than a choice; it’s an investment in the preservation of our culture and heritage. It ensures that our voice continues to resonate strongly, keeping our community connected and informed. Your subscription empowers us to carry forward our mission and expand our impact.

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