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GreeceCulture82% of Greeks active on social media

82% of Greeks active on social media

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More than four in five Greeks (82%) are now active on social media, with the percentage reaching 97% between the ages of 16 and 24, according to the latest nationwide sample survey “Focus on Tech Life” Tips “of the company Focus Bari for the first half of 2021.

Almost two out of three Greeks aged 55-64 (62%, compared to 59% in the second half of 2020) are active on social media, with Facebook being the most popular means of creating a personal “profile” (79 % – 15% increase compared to the second half of 2020), Instagram (51%) and YouTube (45%). Also, TIK TOK shows a spectacular increase in the last year in our country, especially for girls aged 16-24.

The company estimates that the total internet penetration in Greece has reached 97%, while at the age of 55-64 years nine out of ten are now daily Internet users, devoting an average of 85 minutes daily (compared to 58 minutes a day in the second half of 2020). The first access device for all users is the “smart” mobile phone (smartphone), with 95% of users now using it as their first choice and with the average connection time from the mobile now reaching two hours on day.

In addition, at least nine out of ten children aged 5-12 are estimated to be online and have the tablet (40%) as their first choice of device to connect to, followed by their smartphone (36%) and laptop (34%).

Also, those who buy products and services online (e-shoppers) reached 74% of Greeks, with increased average spending in online shopping, as well as an increased trend in the age group 55-64 years. Most e-shoppers are between the ages of 16-44, while the largest increase was recorded in the public over 55 (+ 20% compared to the previous semester). At least one in four Greeks (74%) have made an online purchase in the last six months.

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In e-shopping, consumers have spent an average of 806 euros in the last six months and almost two in three (64%) have paid by cash on delivery. The top online markets were clothing (46%), shoes (36%) and electronics (33%). The largest dynamics (higher percentage increase compared to the second half of 2020) showed the online shopping for furniture and home items (+ 37%) and for online seminars / webinars (+ 36%).


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