Baby Elias Still Searching for Lifesaving Bone Marrow Donor, and You Could Be His Cure!

The search continues to find a lifesaving bone marrow donor for Elias Argirokastritis, a one-year-old of Greek descent.


Shortly after he was born, Elias became the 22nd person worldwide to be diagnosed with NEMO, a rare blood disorder. This complex disease affects Elias’ skin and immune system, making him extremely susceptible to severe and life-threatening bacterial infections. His best chance at a healthy, normal life is a bone marrow transplant.


Ethnicity plays a major role in finding a matching bone marrow donor. In most cases, the best patient-donor matches happen between individuals who share the same ancestry. For Elias, a matching donor will likely be of Greek descent.


DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow center, is working closely with Elias’ family to share his story and encourage people to register as potential donors.


“We’re in desperate need of a match from a bone marrow donor to replace the bone marrow [Elias] currently has. Since February, it has been our unwavering mission to find Elias a match because once that glorious day arrives, everything will change for the better,” Elias’ mother, Evelyn, wrote in a blog post.


Initially, doctors didn’t think Elias would make it to seven months, but he continues to fight. Although Elias has not yet found a matching bone marrow donor, his mother and family are still hopeful that he will get a second chance at a healthy life. You could be the cure for Elias or someone else battling a dangerous disease.

For more information on becoming a registered bone marrow donor and ways to help Elias, please visit


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