Dear Hermes Attendees

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Attn: Paul Kotrotsios, Founder                                                                                                                                                 March 31, 2015

Hermes Expo International

and to all distinguished guests

and attendees

RE: 24th Annual Hermes Expo Trade Show and Conference

Dear Hermes Attendees,

Greetings to all. Welcome once again to this meeting of the greatest networking event I have experienced. The Hermes expo focus is on the Hospitality Industry. I say the focus is on networking. The opportunities you will experience are not only significant, they are invaluable.

It has been a privilege to have been involved in the Hermes Expo for many years. With that participation has come the opportunity to cultivate many business contacts, many which you will never have been able to obtain otherwise.

Of course, the Expo is not only about networking, but also about professional development. The sharing of ideas and experiences with each other in a social setting can be an invaluable tool for all of us.

Congratulations to Paul and to his hard working team of family and volunteers for providing this unique service to our Greek American Community. Without their dedication, our community would be at a loss as this is a crown jewel amongst many events in the diaspora.

It is my hope you find the time to “explore, discover and connect” as the Hermes motto sets forth. The benefits gained can truly be, like Paul’s friendship, priceless.


With much appreciation,