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GreeceBusinessDigital Mobilities Conference -8 & 9 November 2021 in Greece

Digital Mobilities Conference -8 & 9 November 2021 in Greece

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The 1st Digital Mobilities Conference: Nomads & Remote Workers, the conference of the Digital Nomads Observatory (DNO), which already aims to study and promote this new way of life, is already gathering very interesting participants. These participants demonstrate the importance of attracting digital nomads for the Greek economy and society.

The Hellenic Laboratory of Social Innovation (HLSI), a founding member of the EU-approved Transnational Social Innovation Scheme SEED, coordinated by the Directorate General of Labor Relations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, officially declares its support and active participation. at the 1st Digital Mobilities Conference: Nomads & Remote Workers which will take place on November 08 and 09 and is organized by the Hellenic Observatory of Digital Nomads, with the involvement of PHAOS CoinSep and the organization of The Savvy Reps.com.

For HLSI, the Digital Nomads are an extremely important, rising and ever-expanding social group, with multifaceted social extensions for all European countries, as well as local authorities and their local communities. Digital nomads are expected to increase in population in the coming years, while incorporating the essence of social innovation, as they are mobile units for knowledge transfer and dissemination of know-how in local communities. The nomads, according to the HLSI, are spreading in the local communities and not only in the big urban centers, while at the same time they function as levers of local development and progress of the communities and cities that are being established. They do this through the economic dimension, but also through the scientific and cultural culture they give to local communities throughout Greece.

In addition, according to the available study literature, this category is growing rapidly, in size and intensity, is constantly expanding, due to the growing tendency to disconnect the workplace from the provision of services in it, and due to significant technological improvements in delivery methods. work.

They are now an important part of the labor market, and operate in many dimensions, often touching on aspects of society.

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In addition, the 1st Digital Mobilities Conference: Nomads & Remote Workers receives the support and auspices of the REBRAIN GREECE initiative, which in fact already has a relevant digital platform for connecting foreign scientists with companies in Greece, creating for the first time such a modern provision on behalf of the State. The initiative will also assist with the transfer of know-how and effort, as well as the conference in a number of aspects.

The topics of the conference

The 1st Digital Mobilities Conference: Nomads & Remote Workers, through the topics it will cover, aims to immerse itself in the needs of digital nomads and remote workers, in order to better prepare and transfer knowledge to all those who want to attract these “visitors”. Greek and international speakers will present the best practices of destinations that are top of the list in the community of digital nomads and remote workers while Greek destinations, agencies and organizations will unfold the actions they have already undertaken in order to attract this social group.

The conference will also highlight the economic and social benefits of hosting digital nomads and remote workers for a destination and for the country as a whole. The new legal framework adopted by our country for the attraction of digital nomads and remote workers will be presented and the business opportunities that open up in the whole spectrum of the economy will be explored, as a consequence of the emergence of Greece as a destination ideal for digital nomads and remote workers. .

The 1st Digital Mobilities Conference: Nomads & Remote Workers will take place online.

The conference is organized by the team of The Savvy Reps, on behalf of the Digital Nomads Observatory (DNO).

More information about the conference at www.digitalmobilities.gr.

The hashtags of the conference are #DigitalMobilities #DigitalMobilitiesGR


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