Dr. Aristotle Michopoulos: You are a Great Benefactor of our Omogeneia

November 18, 2017

Mr. Paul Kotrotsios
Publisher & Founder
Hellenic News of America


Dear Paul,

You certainly are one of the greatest sons of “Εύανδρος Ήπειρος”, bringing forth all these great qualities of our Epirotan Benefactors who enriched, enlarged and beautified Greece. You are a Great Benefactor of our Omogeneia through your caring about its people, your service to them and the unifying spirit that emanates from the pages of Hellenic News for so many years.

For 30 years you inform, you unite, you encourage, you advocate, you solve problems, you spread the good word, always with a smile and best intentions. When I think of you, to my mind comes the famous line from Sophocles “Antigone”: Ου συνέχθειν, αλλά συμφιλείν έφυν! As an exemplary Epirotan and Greek you were born to work together, to assist and love your fellow-Hellenes and use your paper as a tool of unity and progress.

This atmosphere of caring, enthusiasm, and love was all pervasive during the recent 30th Anniversary Celebration of “Hellenic News” that I was honored to attend. As you now embark into the fourth decade of a productive and rewarding endeavor, I wish you, your family and all your esteemed colleagues my “ΘΕΡΜΑ ΣΥΓΧΑΡΗΤΗΡΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΝΑ ΤΑ ΕΚΑΤΟΣΤΗΣΕΤΕ!” Our Omogeneia needs you!


Dr. Aristotle Michopoulos
Professor of Greek Studies
Hellenic College