Starting with Dr. Dean Lomis and going cc around the table: Constantine Caras, Dimitri Dandolos, Dr. Costas Fountzoulas, Dr. Costas Kotropoulos, Dr. James Faller, Dr. Gonzalo Arce, George Righos, Paul Kotrotsios, Costas Coulaloglou. Date of event: Sunday, September 13 in the Wine Room of the Estia Restaurant. Guest list of 10 people.

Arce is Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the UD. Kotropoulos is Professor in the Department of Informatics at the AUTH. We were celebrating his promotion to full professor and his third visit to the Newark-Wilmington Community. Arce was his host when Kotropoulos did his sabbatical in 2008. That’s when Dean and I go to know him and became friends. (For Dean’s information Coulaloglou is a retired engineer from Exxon. He and Fountzoulas both went to the Polytechnic Institute and lived in the same neighborhood in Athens. He belongs to our Holy Trinity Community with his wife and son.)
More on Kotropoulos: The formal reason for his visit to the U.S. was to attend the IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing which took place in Boston between September 17 and September 20, where he presented two papers. His visit to our Greek community and the UD were side visit. When I learned he was coming to the U.S. I invited him to Newark and planned the timitiko dinner for him at the Estia.