A prominent Greek journalist and dissident during the Greek military junta, Elias P. Demetracopoulos died from natural causes in his home country Greece on the 17th of February 2016. He was 88.

Between 1950 and 1958, he was the youngest political editor of Greek newspaper “Kathimerini”.

From 1952 until 1967, he was working as a political and diplomatic editor for Greek newspapers ‘Makedonia’, ‘Ethnos’, ‘Athens Daily Post’ και ‘Thessaloniki’.

Between 1950 to 1967, he was a correspondent for the magazines “Time and Life’, ‘Path Finder’ and ‘Missiles and Rockets Magazine’ (American Aviation Publications). He was also the principal correspondent for the North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA) of New York.

Since 1979 until 1984 he worked as a correspondent for ‘Makedonia’ and ‘Thessaloniki’.

In 1963, he wrote the book “The Menace of Dictatorship’ in which 18 great American political figures discuss the political problem of Greece and warn for an upcoming military dictatorship.

During the dictatorship, Demetracopoulos lived in exile in Washington, D.C., where he lobbied against the Greek junta.

Demetracopoulos received the phoenix award from the Greek President in 2008., at a special ceremony in the Embassy of Greece in Washington D.C.