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Gearing up for the 32nd Hermes Expo: What to Expect

Gearing up for the 32nd Hermes Expo: What to Expect

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Meetings and initiatives for the continuous advancement of Greek-American business cooperation.

The international business exhibition, Hermes Expo is set for June 14, 2023! The exhibition will be held again this year at its permanent headquarters, the “Grand Marquis” in Old Bridge, New Jersey. The unprecedented success of the recent exhibition with increased interest not only of business professionals across the U.S. but also of local entities from the State of New Jersey, as well as from Greece, decisively contributed to its transfer from autumn to summer. Additionally, it will feature goods not only from the Region of Epirus and the Chamber of Ioannina as in the previous exhibition but also from many other regions of Greece. The increased representation of agencies from Greece is important for the promotion of Greek products in the American market and tourism.  The new June date will serve as a catalyst for the promotion of Greek tourism this summer.

Preparations for the exhibition are already proceeding at a speedy pace. The partners of Hermes Expo and its founding president Mr. Paul Kotrotsios personally never stop trying to create networks of communication and cooperation between the participants of the exhibition, giving this network a practically permanent character during the year. The efforts culminate every year with the physical presence of organizations and businesses at the Grand Marquis.

As part of the proceedings for the 32nd Hermes Expo, the President of the Exhibition Organization hosted a formal dinner with guests from both the business community and sponsors of the exhibition, as well as the local authorities of Middlesex County. Among them were Senator Samuel Thompson, the Mayor of Old Brdige, Mr. Henry Owen, the Executive Director of the Improvement Authority in Middlesex County, James Polos, President of the MCRCC Chamber, Mrs. Lina Llona, Stephen Mamakas, CEO of EDA in OB, Joe Kim, President of EBRCC, as well as William DiStanislao, COO of Hackensack Meridian Health in Old Bridge.

Luncheon host and Hermes Expo President Paul Kotrotsios welcomed the guests and thanked them for accepting his invitation, and for their contributions to the success of the 31st Hermes Expo. This was followed by the official announcement of the date of the 32nd Hermes Expo for June 14, and Mr. Kotrotsios invited the represented agencies and enterprises to participate and inform their members and partners about the holding of the exhibition, thus giving their members the opportunity to expand the business professional opportunities via the Hermes Expo.

Taking it a step further and given the exit from the pandemic and the return last fall to the regularity of the exhibition’s physical presence, Mr. Kotrotsios discussed with his guests a number of other possibilities for strengthening business relations between the two countries. The first initiative concerns the realization of an organized visit of local organizations and interested entrepreneurs to Greece’s Trade Mission to Greece. Mr. Kotrotsios has many years of experience with such visits and knows the pivotal role they can play in the development of trade relations, as this will be the thirteenth visit he will lead. Greek businesses and the local authorities have already been able to visit the USA, but their American counterparts have not had a similar possibility in recent years due to the pandemic. Clearly, nothing can replace the experience of direct contact and knowledge of Greece and its businesses. The agencies present enthusiastically advocated for the trip to take place, the details and exact dates of which will be announced soon. This trip will give participants the opportunity to visit the sights of Greece and get to know its incomparable beauty. Mr. Kotrotsios is in contact with the Queen’s Chamber of Commerce regarding its participation in this trip. Mr. Kotrotsios underscored that the networking possibilities of American businesses may be extended through Greece to other regions of Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean as well.

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At the same time, the possibility of agreements between Middlesex County and regions of Greece was discussed, based on the model of similar agreements in the past, such as Philadelphia and Thessaloniki, since Mr. Kotrotsios had played a leading role in this, with the mission of further expanding commercial and cultural relations between these regions.

Another of Mr. Kotrotsios’ proposals was welcomed by the attendees, regarding the holding of a conference/mini-workshop on the theme: “Business in New Jersey. Challenges and possibilities”, while the possibility of expanding the topic was left open, so that the attendees could also be informed about the investment possibilities in Greece, at a time when, as Mr. Kotrotsios pointed out, the opportunities are increasing. He also underscored the role of the US Ambassador to Greece, George Tsunis, who is Greek-American.

Mr. Kotrotsios also presented tangible results of his actions and the networking offered by Hermes Expo, after specifically mentioning, first, the interest of the company Victory Foods, which was represented at the event by Sales Manager Kostas Xarchas and General Manager, Sayder Luthra, to establish a distribution center for its products in Middlesex County. Second to the confectionery company’s interest is setting up sales points in the area of the local university. Thirdly, the desire of the company “VIP” whose owner Dr. Drogaris was also present at the event, to create a distribution center in the area. Fourth, the desire of the company of the Piteni Brothers from Kozani to expand its activities in the USA. Mr. Kotrotsios is pleased to announce additional tangible results of the business networking offered by Hermes Expo soon. All agreed on the 32nd Hermes Expo date for Wednesday, June 14, 2023, with an expanded program of events and meetings.

For more information and to register for sponsorships, booths, conference attendance, networking events, and the awards dinner, please visit hermesexpo.com

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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