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Hackensack Meridian JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Physicians, Researchers To Present At The Association of Academic Physiatrists National Conference

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Hackensack Meridian JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute’s physicians and researchers will introduce more than 20 research presentations at the annual meeting of the Association of Academic Physiatrists in February. The research will advance the field of rehabilitation medicine and cover areas such as traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, post-COVID fatigue, stroke, and other illnesses, conditions, and injuries.

“We welcome the opportunity to present the important research we’re doing at JFK Johnson to a national audience,” said Sara Cuccurullo, chair, vice president and medical director of JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute. “Our goal is to improve outcomes for our patients and also to advance the specialty of rehabilitation medicine to help patients everywhere.”

Dr. Cuccurullo is Professor, Chairman, and Residency program director of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine and Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

One example of the research is “Updates in the Evaluation and Management of Fatigue in Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID,” a presentation that will be made by Talya Fleming, M.D., Aba Zola, M.D., and Benjamin Abramoff, M.D. The study looks at long-term fatigue that follows some people who experience COVID.

The in-person meeting February 21 to Febuary 24 will attract an estimated 1,500 attendees and takes place in Anaheim, California. The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review Textbook, widely used by doctors taking their boards in the specialty, was created at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute and will be raffled off at the annual conference. Dr. Cuccurullo is editor-in-chief of the textbook and many of the faculty at JFK Johnson are authors. JFK Johnson will sponsor a dinner for its former medical residents and fellows now working at rehabilitation institutes around the country.

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Here is the research and workshops/programs that will be presented by JFK Johnson:


  1. Early Intervention to Improve Function in a Rare Case of Terson’s Syndrome after Traumatic Brain Injury. Stacey Jou, M.D., Phillip Gordon, M.D., Jessie Chan, M.D., Brian Greenwald, M.D.

2. Admission from home to acute rehabilitation for multidisciplinary management of patients with Parkinson’s Disease: two case presentations. Matthew Lee, BA, Stacey Jou, M.D., Steven Markos, M.D.

3. Monoplegia to Multiple Myeloma, A Unique Presentation. Jonathan Wolbert, D.O., Stacey Jou, M.D., Krishna Urs, M.D.

4. Uncommon Presentation of Moyamoya Disease: A Case Report. James Yun, M.D., Stacey Jou, M.D., Christine Greiss, D.O.

5. Hemiballismus After Subacute Stroke: A Case Report of Inpatient Rehabilitation Management. Eric Heckelmann, M.D., D. Ratanski, Iqbal Jafri, M.D.

6. Hallucinations and Cyproheptadine Following Intrathecal Baclofen Withdrawal. Jessica Ace, M.D., Steven Escaldi, D.O., Eric Heckelmann, M.D.

7. Found Down Extremity Compartment Syndrome in a 26-Year-Old Male: A Case Report. Yi Zhou, M.D., Michael Galibov, M.D., Thomas Bucek, Lei Lin, M.D.

8. Post-traumatic Guillain Barre Syndrome. Yi Zhou, M.D., Ally Ferber, Phillip Gordon, M.D., Brian Greenwald, M.D.

9. A Rare Case of Esthesioneuroblastoma: Case Report. Yi Zhou, M.D., Roger Henry, Brian Greenwald, M.D.

10. Persistent Facial Nerve Palsy After Middle Meningeal Artery Embolization: Case Report. Ally Ferber, Yi Zhou, M.D., Brian Greenwald, M.D.

11. A Rare Case of Parinaud Syndrome Caused by Thalamic Hemorrhage. Yi Zhou, M.D. Faraz Jamal, M.D. Jessie Chan M.D., Shirley Shen, M.D., Lei Lin, M.D.

12. Scapuloperoneal Syndrome: A Good History Is Telling. Jonathan Wolbert DO, Michael Chung M.D., David Brown, D.O.

13. Anaphylaxis to What? A Rare Case of tPA Induced Angioedema. Jonathan Wolbert D.O., Krishna Urs, M.D.

14. Monoplegia to Multiple Myeloma: A Unique Presentation. Jonathan Wolbert D.O., Stacey Jou M.D., Krishna Urs, M.D.

15. Functional Considerations of Right Frontal Infarct in an American Sign Language User: A Case Report. Shirley Shen, M.D., Yi Zhou, M.D., Christine Greiss, D.O., James Yun, M.D., Michael Galibov, M.D., Jessie Chan, M.D., Faraz Jamal, M.D.

16. Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome: A Case Report Faraz Jamal, M.D., Yi Zhou, M.D., Shirley Shen, M.D., Michael Galibov, M.D., James Yun, M.D., Lei Lin, M.D.

17. Bilateral Paramedian Thalamic Syndrome in a 63-year-old Female Secondary to Artery of Percheron Infarction: A Case Report. Michael Galibov, M.D., Yi Zhou, M.D., James Yun, M.D., Jessie Chan, M.D. Faraz Jamal, M.D. Shirley Shen, M.D., Steven Markos, M.D.

18. Benefits of a customized inter-injection interval for severe cervical dystonia. Phil Gordon, M.D., Dan Zhou, M.D., Steven Escaldi, D.O.

19. Electrodiagnostic Findings of Brachial Plexopathy Masked by Hemiparesis. Phil Gordon PS, Jonathan Wolbert, M.D., David Brown, D.O.


  1. Updates in the Evaluation and Management of Fatigue in Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID. Talya Fleming, M.D., Aba Zola, M.D., Benjamin Abramoff, M.D.

2. Kottke Society- Honorary society dedicated to the advancement of physiatry, bringing together the leading minds in physiatry to explore and discuss the future of the specialty. Sara Cuccurullo M.D.

3. Residency and Fellowship Program Director’s Workshop- Updates and Resident Recruitment workshop. Sara Cuccurullo M.D. – Brian Greenwald M.D. – Laurent Delavaux M.D. – Lisa Proano

4. Fellowship and Job Fair Sara Cuccurullo M.D. – Brian Greenwald, M.D. – Laurent Delavaux, M.D. -Lisa Proano

5. Chair Council Workshop- Faculty Compensation Survey Presentation. Sara Cuccurullo, M.D.- Past President. Lyn Weiss M.D.-President. – David Steinberg, M.D.-Vice President. – Joe Herrera, DO-Secretary

6. APEC- Academic Physiatrists Educational Council Board Member. Sara Cuccurullo M.D.

7. Speed Networking- Early Career Workshop. Sara Cuccurullo M.D.


About Hackensack Meridian JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute:

Named one of the Top Rehabilitation Hospitals in the Country by U.S. News and World Report, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute is a 94-bed facility in Edison, New Jersey, that offers the state’s most comprehensive rehabilitation services to restore function and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities. For nearly 50 years, JFK Johnson has served children and adults in the tri-state area — and has developed programs in specialties such as brain injury, stroke rehabilitation, orthopedics/musculoskeletal and sports injuries, cardiac rehabilitation, pediatrics, and prosthetics and orthotics. JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute is part of the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, which also includes Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Ocean University Medical Center and Johnson Rehabilitation Institute at Riverview Medical Center. Each rehabilitation hospital brings together highly specialized physicians and professionals with the goal of “Advancing What’s Possible” for every patient. The JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute also partners with the St. Joseph’s Health Acute Rehabilitation Unit at St. Joseph’s Wayne Medical Center in Wayne, New Jersey. JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute serves as the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of the Hackensack Meridian Medical School and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. To learn more, visit

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