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GreeceCultureIn footsteps of Konstantinos Fais with focus on his presence at UNESCO

In footsteps of Konstantinos Fais with focus on his presence at UNESCO

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By Nektarios D. Hormovitis

The awarded artist and researcher of the Ancient World, Konstantinos Fais, is a young person who, from within his own soul, is offering the spectator-observer images and memories, along with a great deal of History. He comes from the region of Epirus and through his vision he aims to promote the Heritage of Ancient Greece – to promote the long History of the greater Eastern Mediterranean, of this “blessed part” of the planet and ‘’Highway of the greatest Civilizations’’, with a combination of art and geoscience, portraying the way it became the artistic core for the archaic world rules of humanity.

With stuff from ”Initiative for the children” in Vergina. Photo Source; Konstantinos Fais

Konstantinos launched his tour impressively and was presented with an exceptional response from friends of art, who were lucky enough to admire his artwork, but also to learn and “travel” through the trails of prehistory, and through the information and evidence quoted by the world-famous artist. In July, Konstantinos Fais selected the beginning of his tour to be Vergina in North Greece. Under the auspices of the awarded social association of Veria, “INITIATIVE FOR THE CHILD’’, he used a unique and elaborate, narrative method, in order to present to the children an original History lesson through his painting collection. The children and the staff at ‘’The Home of Vergina’’ who attended the presentation were greatly impressed.

With the President of the Municipal council of Nea Smyrni. Photo Source; Konstantinos Fais

The artist’s following exhibition took place in Athens, at Nea Smyrni’s cultural multi-center ‘’Galaxias’’, under the auspices of the municipality, Hermes Expo International as well as the “Hellenic News of America” newspaper. The response to the exhibition was great from the public and the media alike. Everyone present at the exhibition had the opportunity to listen from the famous artist himself his method of analyzing his works and the style of each and every one of them.

Opening the ceremony at UNESCO’s cultural centre ”Marianna Vardinogiannis” in Athens Photo Source; Konstantinos Fais

In September 20th, Konstantinos Fais attended the UNESCO’s “7th International Action Art Fair’’ in ’’Marianna V. Vardinogiannis culture and education Center’’. The ceremony was attended by prominent figures from the political and cultural fields, including Georgian ambassador to Greece David Dondua and famous foreign artists mainly from countries of the Middle East and Central Europe. The Greek artist was awarded for his contribution and he gave the masterclass seminar ‘’Ancient Greek Portrait’’, in which he completed a portrait of Olympian Zeus within 12 minutes! The president of the club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands Mr. Ioannis Maronitis talked to the guests and the participants about the artist’s presence and contribution with kind words.

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With members of the Panepirotic Association of Elefsina at UNESCO Photo Source; Konstantinos Fais

The artist’s next stop was in Northeast Greece this time, in the city of Drama, in a successful and well-organized event hosted by the Ladies’ Union of Drama – S.A.F., a multi-awarded organization that since 1929 provides a range support and services for vulnerable populations, always in collaboration with Hermes Expo International and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA. The Epirote artist’s works impressed everybody once again with his non-realistic style, which derives from the remote Hellenistic Period and Greek Literature, as well. The theme of his artworks covers a vast period of time, from the Bronze Age, such as Minoan Crete and Mycenae, to the fall of the Hellenistic World.

With members of the Ladies Union of Drama Photo Source; Konstantinos Fais

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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