Leadership 100 Approves $200,000 for the Devastating Greek Fires Urging All Members to Make Additional Gifts

Leadership 100 Chairman Argyris Vassiliou announced that the Executive Committee of Leadership 100 unanimously approved an emergency contribution of $200,000, along with a direct appeal to all members for further contributions, to address the devastating fires in Greece. The decision was made during a special conference call convened on August 2, 2018 in response to the appeal made by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios.

Speaking on behalf of the Committee, Vassiliou said, “Today Leadership 100 has responded to a major national tragedy in Greece, the worst wildfires in all of Europe since 1900, with mounting losses of lives and property.  Leadership 100 has always come forward in times of major humanitarian crises at home and abroad. We, as Greek Orthodox Christians, join our brethren in Greece to express our heartfelt sorrow and to assist in the recovery efforts.”

Leadership 100 has traditionally made a direct appeal to its members to supplement a major emergency gift during humanitarian crises. The Leadership 100 Office has established a separate account to acknowledge all donations, which will then be forwarded for the relief effort in a manner that will ensure the funds are used for the purpose intended.


photo credit: picture-alliance/dpa/AP/Y. Karahalis