Life Without Christ Is Not Life

Γεια σας! My name is Konstantinos (Dino) Koutroubas. I am from Philadelphia and currently a seminarian studying at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA.  I will be entering my third year of studies in September.
It is my hope with my various posts here to share words of wisdom and encouragement from the treasure-trove of knowledge for the spiritual life made available to us through the Orthodox Church. We are blessed to have the resources of the Holy Scriptures, the beautiful liturgical services and hymnology, and the lives and writings of Orthodox Christian Saints, both ancient and modern, as guides in a world that desperately needs the love of Jesus Christ.  
In our own personal lives, with its various joys but also various struggles and difficulties, we Greek Americans can find strength from what the good Lord has provided to us and to all the world.  As Greek Americans, we have something priceless to offer: our Faith in Christ, our witness to a world of the gems of Hellenism and their fulfillment in Orthodox Christianity.  For this Faith in Christ, which has brought out the best in Hellenism, our ancestors shed their very blood and gave their lives.  Let us not toss out so valuable a treasure, a pearl of great price, as the Gospels say. As Elder Porphyrios of blessed memory, a contemporary monk from Mount Athos, writes: “Life without Christ is not life…That’s the way it is…”