Loukoumi Foundation Supporting Literacy at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Make A Difference Day: October 28, 2017

2017 National Make A Difference Day Project

Supporting Literacy at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


The Loukoumi Make A Difference Foundation rallies over 50,000 kids each year to make a difference on national Make A Difference Day and is the 2017 recipient of Tegna’s National Make A Difference Day All-Star Award. Since 2014 as part of the Make A Difference with Loukoumi project for National Make A Difference Day, many organizations and schools across the country have united to make caring cards for patients at children’s hospitals including St. Jude

Children’s Research Hospital.  In 2015, the project was taken a step further as many groups also collected

$1 donations for St. Jude from the students to go along with their cards.  For Make A Difference Day

2017 The Loukoumi Make A Difference Foundation would like to rally 50,000 kids to participate in our card making and dollar donation project to fund a treatment/literacy room at St. Jude.


50,000 Kids, 50,000 Cards, $50,000


…and we would like you to join us!


Your school, organization or even your family could make the cards with the children in their schools and communities or the children could be encouraged to do the cards at home and they could be collected the week of Make A Difference Day (October 23-29).  In the end, it shows kids that no good deed is too small and that together we can make a big difference just by making a handwritten card and donating $1. We will be working with schools across the country and we would be honored to continue our Make A Difference with Loukoumi Project with your organization in this very special way.



What will be done with the funds raised?


Through this project the Loukoumi Foundation is committing to raise funds to sponsor a treatment room at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in connection with their STARR Program. The Loukoumi Foundation and St. Jude would recognize your group as a partner in this project in press materials, press releases, on websites, social media etc.


You can also create your own participation page on the website St. Jude has created for this project. Although this is not required, members that wish to do so may upload photos and details all their own at: www.fundraising.stjude.org/loukoumi




What is St. Jude’s STARR Program?


Because patients at St. Jude often miss periods of school due to their medical treatments, St. Jude has created the STARR Program to ensure that patients have the reading skills they need for academic success.  STARR stands for Success Through Academics Resources and Research. When patients visit St. Jude for check-ups and consultations with doctors and specialists they visit the Hematology Clinic known as the “H Clinic.” The exam rooms off the waiting area are not only used by physicians

to treat the patients but also simultaneously by STARR program coordinators, who meet with patients in the rooms, before during or after their treatments and check-ups, to facilitate the program. Children who have completed the St. Jude reading clinic during the past eight years have shown significant gains in reading skills.



The collaboration ties in the acts of caring and giving with literacy – a theme of paramount importance to The Loukoumi Make A Difference Foundation.  In fact, proceeds from 4 of the books in the Loukoumi book series have been donated to St. Jude since 2008 and the

Loukoumi Foundation also sponsors a reading library and good deed programming at the Westchester Children’s Museum.


Through our 2017 card making project we could also

donate some of the caring cards to other children’s hospitals of your choice. The Loukoumi Foundation throughout the year will also be collecting children’s books and school supplies for children in the STARR program and you are welcome to participate in this aspect as well.

Please join us in making a difference with Loukoumi for the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


The Loukoumi Make A Difference Foundation

Recipient of the 2017 National Make A Difference Day All-Star Award


www.LoukoumiFoundation.org, 212-397-2804