Marianthi Raptis Art Brightens a Snowy Day

by Catherine Tsounis


“My great grandparents were from Kiafa Souliou, real warriors and protectors of the community, who settled in Dolou Pogoniou Society of Epirus” explained artist Marianthi Raptis. Her art works and stories brightened up a blizzard and dismal snowy weather in 2015 New York City. “Our house in Dolou Pogoni was built in 1852 by my great grandparents Vasilis and Kosta Zervas. When the Turks took over Souli during the Greek uprising for freedom, they came to Epirus with hand crafted rifles. They protected the villagers from persons trying to harm them. This is my Epirotan heritage.”



Marianthi Raptis of Whitestone, New York international art exhibits have been part of the exhibitions of the Greek Artists Guild at the Stathakion Cultural Center, 22-51 29th St., Queens, NY, 11105. “I have drawn my ancestral home and village church in Epirus,” the artist explained. “I enjoy drawing scenes of nature. I have participated in three Art Exhibitions of   Greek Artists Guild (” Artist Raptis has donated her art work to non-profit organizations such as Prometheus Greek Teachers Association and the Heritage Museum of Epirus in Astoria.



Her latest oil painting has a scene of a Greek island, such as Corfu. Epirus has produced unique cont6ributors to Greek culture. Artist Marianthi Raptis is leaving her mark on the art work of Diaspora Greek culture. Her artistic creations can be seen at




Photo 1- Greek Sea

Photo 2 – Man in Epirotan village

Photo 3 – Artist