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Multi-talented artist keeps it in the family

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by Nick Christophers

Whether it be music, producing, songwriting, production, or recording JD Saratakos delivers 110%. JD has been involved in the entertainment world for over 30 years. From being a multi-music store/school owner to helping his super talented brother Criss Angel of Mindfreak. On his own, he has produced and managed artists in the music scene for some time. During the early years, he has mastered at least three different instruments.

The Sarantakos family is incredibly talented in many ways. Currently, JD has spent more time with his two brothers in Las Vegas ramping up his Criss Mindfreak Live Show at the Planet Hollywood and taking them to another level. Since the pandemic hit all the performances have been halted Hence, they had to think “out of the box” they used the downtime to fine-tune what they already had in place. Vegas at this point is at 35% and no performances are allowed yet.

The Criss Believe Live Show had run sold-out audiences for ten-years at the Luxor Hotel. In December of 2019, they moved the show to Caesars at Planet Hollywood. The new location offers a 1554 seat theatre. The new show will offer the most LED that will blow audiences away including movie screens on each side of the theatre and above them. The intended show will be a new and powered-up experience which they hope to unveil in July or August of 2021.

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“It will be a new Mindfreak Live with never-before-seen illusions that will encompass many emotions. In addition, a more interactive experience for audiences that will leave shocked and amazed.”

Outside of the shows with his brothers, JD is also due to release his long-awaited new EP. He has been busy in the studio for the past two-years crafting a new project along with music director George Peterson, better known as Dr. Gee. The EP falls under the genre of contemporary rock. The work is laced with positive messages that only JD can deliver with style. The expected release is within the next month and the tentative title is yet to be determined.

In another development, JD has partnered up with internet radio owner Eric Martin Koppleman on a new venture. After being interviewed on the internet station IRadio USA a few years ago JD was approached on becoming a partner and in just a short period of time is proud to announce he expanded to three stations in Hamilton, New Jersey, Long Island, NY, and Florida. IRadio USA is a multi-genre station playing all types of music. Currently, he hopes to open other locations in Vegas, LA, and Chicago then hopefully nationally. Besides music the station also offers talk shows and pop culture news aside from offering ad space for any type of business.

Finally, JD along with his brothers will be focusing their energies on new tours in the fall/winter. However, JD will also keep producing, writing, production and developing other artists.

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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