Nicolas Taverna and Rooms to Let

food at Nicolas Taverna

food at Nicolas Taverna


Nicolas Taverna and Rooms to Let



By: Markos Papadatos, Contributing Editor



Nicolas Taverna and Rooms to Let is a restaurant and hotel that is situated in the settlement of Fiskardo in the Greek island of Kefallonia. It is owned and run by Nicolas Donados and it is found at a stunning location that overlooks the Fiskardo harbor.


It features a top-notch Greek cuisine, where culinary queen, Chef Rodamanthi Donadou, does all the cooking, who is Nicolas’ sister. She specializes in seafood and is world renowned for her shrimp, lobster and grouper recipes, among countless other savory dishes. They offer exceptional lunch and dinner, as well as home-made Kefallonian sweet delights that were all exquisitely prepared by Chef Rodamanthi.


Aside from being a restaurant, it has “Rooms to Let,” that includes a fantastic view to the village from the balcony that overlooks the gorgeous beach, as well as an overall pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The rooms consist of refrigerators, bathroom, air conditioner, a television, a safe and hairdryers. For the children’s enjoyment, a playground is on the premises.

They have private parking that is free of charge to patrons and a taxi service is available from 8 a.m. until midnight.


Patrons can also enjoy a pleasant picnic by the olive trees of Foki Beach, which is walking distance from Nicolas Taverna and Roots to Let.



On Friday nights, Nicolas and his staff organize a special Greek dancing performance, where all patrons are invited to participate as they learn some traditional Greek dance moves from the master himself, Nicolas, who emerges as “Zorba the Greek.”


It is ideal for wedding receptions due to the venue’s romantic and beautiful location. The lucky couples will be in for an unforgettable experience. Its vivid scenery and gourmet food are certain to leave any bride and groom and their guests in total awe.


No trip to Kefallonia, Greece is complete without a stop at Nicolas Taverna and Rooms to Let. As Nicolas himself would say “Have a look.” You certainly will not regret it!


For more information on Nicolas Taverna and Rooms to Let, visit their official website.