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AN OPEN LETTER  by  Theodore G. Karakostas 

AN OPEN LETTER  by  Theodore G. Karakostas 

Hellenic News
Hellenic News
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   The following is intended to express profound opposition to the undemocratic and preposterous anti Christian actions on the part
   of Prime Minister Tsipras and his allies within the Greek Parliament. It is widely known that the Greek Orthodox Church preserved
   the Hellenic language and national consciousness of the people during the long centuries of Ottoman Turkish occupation. The Church’s
   decisive influence in the formation of modern Greece can be seen by the glorious actions of Archbishop Germanos of Patras at Kalavrita
   on March 25, 1821.
   Throughout the modern period of Greek history the Church has been the protector of the nation. The martyred Metropolitan Chrysostom of
  Smyrna and other holy men such as Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens helped the Greek people in times of enormous suffering and
  difficulties. At times when Greek officials refused to defy the Great Powers prelates such as Archbishop Spyridon of Athens denounced
  Turkish horrors such as the September 1955 pogroms in Constantinople.
    Mr. Tsipras and his colleagues may cite Europe and modernity for their justification in slandering The Church but the reality
   is Europe has never been Greece’s friend. This can be seen by the historic destruction of Constantinople by the Crusaders, by the
   treacherous Council of Florence in 1439, by the arming of Mustafa Kemal’s Turkish butchers in Asia Minor by the European powers,
   by the tolerance extended to the Turkish invasions and occupation of Cyprus by Europe and America, and by the ongoing anti Greek
   sentiment on the part of European leaders.
   Every nation has a right to its sovereignty, history, culture, and faith. To sacrifice the treasure of Orthodoxy for the monstrosity that is the
   European Union is truly a sign of ignorance on the part of officials in Athens. There are those of us who are committed to the faith of
   Christ which was given to Greece by Saint Paul (Corinth, Athens, Thessaloniki) Saint Andrew (Patras) and Saint John the theologian
   (Patmos). We are also committed to the restoration of a free, sovereign, and prosperous Greece. It is my belief that Greece cannot be
   prosperous by denigrating the Orthodox Church. This disastrous vote in the Greek Parliament regarding sex changes for fifteen year olds
   proves that the present Government is burying Greece, not reviving Greece.
   Certain insults have been directed at the Bishops of Greece by a member of Parliament that deserves the highest condemnation as it reflects
   the crudity and the intellectual depravity of the anti Church elements now in power in Athens. Mr. Tsipras and his colleagues have declared war
   on the Orthodox faith and the Greek family. Faith and family preserved Greek identity under the long centuries of Turkocratia. As a diaspora
   Greek I look upon the Bishops, priests, and Monastics of Greece with the utmost admiration and respect for their piety and their sacred role
   in defense of the holy Gospel against the aggressive bullying of Mr. Tsipras and his allies.
   Greece in recent years has endured difficulties. Despite this, Greece has remained a stronghold of Christianity and this can be seen by the
   glorification of the recent Saints Porphyrios and Paisios. It is faith in Jesus Christ the savior and the dogmas of the Church that have
   preserved the Greeks from various calamities over the past eight centuries. It is treacherous political leaders that have repeatedly brought
   disasters down on the Greek nation.
    The Greek Orthodox hierarchy, clergy, and monastics deserve better than the treatment they have received from Mr. Tsipras and his

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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