Orthodoxy at Russian Folk Dancing Show

Religious banner in the Nikolaevsky Palace

By Catherine Tsounis


Are Orthodox religious banners displayed at a secular Greek folk dancing show?  I was shocked by Orthodox zeal in 2015 Russia. They are making up for seventy years of atheism . We went to the “Feel Yourself Russian” folk dance show at  t. Petersburg in the former  Nikolaevsky Palace known as the Vodka Museum.  A Russian Orthodox Banner was displayed on the wall of the stairway up to the performance. The Panagia surrounded by angels and saints, typifying Russian iconography caught my attention. The religious banner was beautiful.

Our energetic guide Misha, told us he was raised Russian Orthodox by his Mother. “I am Russian Orthodox,” he said with pride. “My Mother is a deeply religious, hard working woman who instilled our religious faith in me.” In a time of liberalism in the USA ., a leftist leader in Greece who claims to be an atheist, elimination of Orthodox Christian centers in the Middle East, seeing and hearing  Eastern Orthodoxy in Russia gave me hope for our religious inheritance.




Mishan at [email protected] guide