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Saint Nektarios And the Miracle With His Cross

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While he was still young, the Saint visited the Holy places (my note: the Holy Land) to worship. During the voyage, however, there was a great storm in which the ship was in danger of sinking. The captain, faced with this impasse, gave orders that the life-saving equipment be prepared for use, and “may God be our helper.” If anyone were able to save himself, well enough, otherwise, the ship would sink with very man aboard.

The Saint (the little Anastasios Kephalas then) looked at the sea, heard the captain and his despairing commands, and his eyes filled with tears, seeing that truly there was no way out. Then, at a moment when even the last hope of salvation had been lost and all were awaiting the captain’s command to abandon ship, the little one spontaneously went up next to the captain, and taking hold of the ship’s helm crying and looking to heaven, he prayed, saying, “My God, I do not want to die, I want to preach You. Why do You permit this?” He repeated these words many times. Then he let go of the helm, took out the Cross he wore, which his grandmother had given him, and which contained a piece of the Venerable Cross, tied it to his belt, and went to the side of the ship and dipped it into the water, commanding the sea, as the Lord did, with the words: “Silence! Be still.” He repeated this thrice, whereupon, O Thy wonders, Christ God!, after the third immersion and exhortation, the wind ceased and great calm followed to the amazement of all. Having, therefore, glorified God, they continued the voyage with great joy – except for the little wonderworker, Anastasios, who was saddened even unto death. For the Venerable Cross, which had been a gift of his grandmother, had fallen into the sea.

As they sailed on, there were heard disturbing knocking sounds below the ship’s water line. The captain sent some sailors to investigate the cause, but they returned having found nothing. Finally they reached harbor and all began disembarking, the little wonderworker, Anastasios Kephalas, among them. At that moment, however, when the passengers were leaving, knocking sounds were heard once more in the hold of the ship. The captain again ordered a search to find out what was knocking. He also gave command that they take a small boat and examine the hull of the ship. Upon examining the hull of the ship, one sailor discovered that at the place from whence the knocking was heard there was stuck the lost Venerable Cross of little Anastasios.

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One can imagine what took place then. The sailor immediately reported his finding, and the captain began calling to the little Anastasios, who had already disembarked from the ship and had gone some way. He shouted to him, “Kephalas, Kephalas! Turn back. Come here!” and waved to him with his hand. The little Anastasios returned and received “his Treasure,” and henceforth he wore it always. This Cross is most conspicuous in the picture where the Saint is seen wearing his monastic skoufa.

The Life of our Father Among the Saints, Nectarios, Metropolitan of Pentapolis by St. Nectarios Press, Seattle, Washington.

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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