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GreeceStudents exceeded the vaccination rate of 75.5%

Students exceeded the vaccination rate of 75.5%

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Hellenic News of America
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The Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, gave information on the course of vaccinations to pupils and students, speaking earlier today in the Plenary Session of the Parliament. “Currently, our teachers, in primary and secondary education, are vaccinated with a percentage that exceeds 82%. And in our children there is an increase. Is enough; No. I will say it directly, it is not enough and it is the duty of all of us, of each and every one of us in this room, to convince the parents about how important it is for our children to be vaccinated. “On how we protect ourselves first, on how we shield them much more through the vaccine”, said the Minister of Education and informed the national delegation: “In children with a dose of closed appointment, we are at 35% for the ages 15 to 18 years old , and at 17% for ages 12-14. In universities the percentages are much higher and in fact they have changed within the last week. Last week it was said that the percentage of students who have already been vaccinated with a single dose or have become ill is 73%. This morning it is over 75.5% in students. In staff, over 87% vaccinated in two doses. In faculty members, over 91% vaccinated with two doses “.

“I think that with all this, the educational community is sending a strong message of return to normalcy, taking advantage of this unique gift of science, the vaccine,” said the Minister of Education. In addition to the measures, the government, as Niki Kerameos pointed out, has planned increased tests, both laboratory and self-diagnostic, which will all be free of charge for students.

“If there is a case in a department, the students who were sitting near the case may end up doing 7 tests a week, laboratory and self-diagnostic. “Everything is free from the state”, said the minister and stressed that the government invests in the many and intensive controls, although they cost a lot of money, in order to stop the dispersal and to protect the school community even more.

Niki Kerameos said that there is a different philosophy compared to last year’s protocols that closed a section when a child was sick, to prevent the spread of the virus at home. “Now all of them are either already vaccinated or, if they are not, they can be vaccinated for free by the state. On the other hand, we owe a debt to the provision of education “, said the Minister of Education and added:” if the same protocols were valid this year as well, what message would be conveyed about the vaccination? Once a significant portion of the vaccine has been vaccinated, the training should be continued. To do this, we invest and spend significant amounts of money on laboratory and self-diagnostic tests to shield the lifelong function. ”

In addition, said Niki Kerameos, the edupass platform was created, which is interconnected with the National Vaccination Registry, the National Patient Registry, a special platform of the digital certificate covid19 and monitors compliance with health requirements by both the community and academia.

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Universities were also given the opportunity to hire additional staff to monitor compliance with health requirements. Vaccination centers were also provided within the universities, all given the increased rate of vaccinations at the universities.

The Minister of Education referred to the course of vaccinations during the discussion of a topical question of the Movement for Change about the government policy in the field of education. The difficult equation of the pandemic and the dangers associated with the return of pupils and students, combined with the vaccination rates in adolescents, preoccupied the interventions of all MPs of the Movement for Change who spoke in plenary.


The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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