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Monday, August 15, 2022



Suggestions for Initiating Positive Changes in Social and Criminal Justice Agencies

By John M. Paitakes, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Rider University In the past several months we have seen numerous protests by a significant number of citizens...

A Review of our Criminal Justice System with Timely Recommendations

By Dr. John Paitakes Professor Emeritus, Criminal Justice - Seton Hall University   There are over eight million people under correctional supervision in the United States. ...

lessons in Assertiveness & Sales Acquired While Living with Pop ■ By Lynn Lotkowictz

If you’re lucky enough to experience great success in your career, you wonder what the conditions and influences are that impacted your path. It...

Advantages of Growing Up in the Diner-Restaurant Business  

 By John M. Paitakes, Jr., Ph.D. Growing up working in the Diner-Restaurant business can provide one with a number of distinct real-life learning experiences. Many...

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