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The Greek Americans of the New York Tri-State Area Celebrated “Maestro”, The First Ever Exclusive Global Distribution Deal for a Greek Scripted Television Series On NETFLIX.

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The event held to acknowledge the success of Mega TV’s acclaimed Greek television series, “Maestro”, the first ever exclusive worldwide distribution deal for a Greek scripted television series on the streaming platform NETFLIX, was successfully hosted with the participation of distinguished members of the Greek Diaspora, under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in New York on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at the Chiotes Hall of the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New York City.

The attendees embraced the creator, Christoforos Papakaliatis, with heartwarming greetings. The Greek series, which combines the country’s roots and traditions with current issues of society today, was a great success among Greek audiences. Stretching out past Greece’s borders, the series will “travel” across the world through the streaming platform available to watch on Friday, March 17 th .

The Consul General, Dinos Konstantinou, stated: “The extremely popular and talented, Christoforos Papakaliatis, is one of the most beloved actors in Greece! Success came at a very early age for Mr Papakaliatis. Restless spirit, constantly evolving, he quickly found himself behind the cameras. His impact as a creator, screenwriter and director on Greek television and film production is undeniable. His stories, fascinating and captivating, are masterfully narrated. “Maestro”, his latest work, brings together all these qualities. The Greek public embraced it immediately. The high standards of the series quickly caught the attention of the international streaming platform Netflix. So, we proudly announce, that this coming Friday, March 17th, Maestro is being launched around the world. Maestro
is a milestone for the extroversion of Greek film production. For the first time, a Greek series is launched globally. For the first time, Greek actors will unfold their talent to the international audience.

Most importantly, “Maestro” puts our country on the map of the international film industry. Shot against the stunning backdrop of Paxoi island, Maestro introduces the international audience to the impeccable beauties of Greece. The idyllic beaches, the crystal-clear waters, the magnificent architecture of the islands and the sunlight of our homeland will travel all over the world!
It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, in the context of Cultural Diplomacy & Cultural Days of Europe, Maestro was awarded by the organization "H&M, Heritage & Museums, Athens, Paris, NY”. This award is a well-deserved recognition for Mr Papakaliatis as well as all those contributed to “Maestro”. And I am sure it is
just the beginning!

Following the screening of the series’ teaser, its creator, Christoforos Papakaliatis, who was greatly moved by the guest’s response, addressed the audience, enchanting them with his simple and graceful demeanor. In his speech, charismatic Christoforos Papakaliatis stressed that he maintains particularly strong ties with the Greek-American Diaspora for several years now, which has supported him every step of the way addressing them special thanks.
As he said: “Maestro represents the last two years of my life,” and I do not hide the fact that the thought of the day of the international premiere, as well as the work that has already begun on the second season, are stressing. However, “the strength gained from the results of the first season are the “weapon” for the start of the new season, which will be completed at the end of 2023.”

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Christoforos Papakaliatis, said: “I’d like to thank the Mega channel, because we would not have been able to o this if it were not for them. I would also like to thank Foss Productions, as I wouldn’t be able to be here, talking to you all, without them. Of course, I extend my thanks to all of the actors, and all of those who were both in front and behind the cameras, with whom we experienced many difficult moments in order to achieve the result that you all saw. I am grateful to everyone,” Papakaliatis stated during the event.

Filming for the second season will commence on April 3rd, and four of season’s eight episodes have already been written. Papakaliatis revealed that the violent character Charalambos, who was killed in the first season, will appear in the second, but he did not explain how. In terms of the series’ success, Papakaliatis stated that something such as that is difficult to predict, but from the first day of production he knew that the quality of
the show was, in all respects, quite high, and that often serves as a guarantee for a good result.

Olga Bornozi, Managing Director Capital Link, master of ceremonies of the evening, referred to the great talent of Christoforos Papakaliatis, who has been very successful throughout his career. A fact that has been proven with the series international journey that MAESTRO is making through NETFLIX global platform. Filmed in Greece, the crucial issues addressed by the series touches everyone across the globe. Mrs. Bornozi asked Mr. Papakaliatis several questions, thus triggering an interesting discussion with the
guests. Indicative questions to which Mr. Papakaliatis answered are “what are his next plans” What does it mean for MAESTRO and for Greece in general that it becomes a part of Global Netflix?” What is his special relationship with the Diaspora, noting that the music composer is Mr. Costas Christidis who lives in California”

The very successful evening was organized by Capital Link of Nicolas & Olga Bornozi, Success Plan Media and Alter Ego Media.

The event closed with a Cocktail reception.

Maestro” aka “Maestro in Blue” will launch worldwide on Friday, March 17 th , 2023, on NETFLIX.

The story is set in Greece on the island of Paxos, and centered around the main character, a musician, Orestis, who is invited to the small island after the pandemic to produce a music festival with the locals. He is soon confronted by the closed society of the island; and finds himself involved in an unexpected love story.
“Maestro” aka “Maestro in Blue” is produced by MEGA TV, created by Christoforos Papakaliatis, and stars; Christoforos Papakaliatis, Haris Alexiou, Maria Kavoyianni, Fanis Mouratidis, Marisa Triantafyllidou, Giannis Tsortekis, Antinoos Albanis, Stefania Goulioti, Klelia Andriolatou, Orestis Halkias and Giorgos Benos.

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The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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