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It was not meant to be my friends; we are trapped in a snare and nibbled away by ravenous rats until there is nothing left of us.

Our Europhile President and the Minister of Finance seem to be more interested on satisfying EU Troika than the people and the country. Citizens are also asking why is this government so reluctant to prosecute and freeze the bank accounts and assets of those barracudas and bankers that stole billions and ruined the country. Why the reluctance? Where is the problem?

Equally, the government continues to adopt a passive policy and refuses to stop the 40-yearold charades of the doomed bi-communal negotiations. Erdogan’s public statement that: “it would be impossible for his country to accept a solution that did not entail two states”, sends a clear message that Turkey does not intend to get out Cyprus. Without Turkey’s says-so, the Turkish Cypriots are also trapped. If that’s the case, why continue on with the farce? Why not introduce an offensive policy and stand up to Ankara as a proud nation and not behave like a poodle to be pitied?

The spin claiming that “Cyprus is on the mend” and that we are now “good Europeans” by not mass-protesting in the streets but accepting EU-Troika’s economic colonization of the country has to stop. Cyprus can do without the EU: it was a bad mistake to join and bad mistake not to opt out of bad directives.

Isolating Russia was also another big mistake of incompetence. Cyprus could have abstained from voting but instead the government decided to vote in favour of the American-driven EU trade embargo against Russia at the detriment of Cyprus – just like it did so with EU-Troika.

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Turkey is not stupid. Immediately jumped at the chance and fulfilled that trade gap! Cyprus is now losing the Russian market and possibly about to lose much more; the finance and tourist trade!

When that happens Cyprus would need additional poisoned loans to bail out the banks again. As for the people; they will be forced by Troika to pay for their own slavery through austerity programmes and taxation to save the banks again. A vicious circle without end! The economic colonization of Cyprus will then be final; maybe that’s what Cyprus is good at – to be ruled by others!

Andreas C Chrysafis

Author – Writer – Artist 11th, September 2014

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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