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Are you ready for your life to change? Ok. Here it goes.

I almost feel like I’ve just brought Frankenstein to life. IT’S ALIVE! Ok no, this sauce doesn’t resemble Frankenstein in any way. It’s not creepy or mutated or scary. It’s just really good and really versatile.

I got inspired to make this sauce a few years ago by all of the sour cherry products and juices I’ve found in Greece. If you haven’t had sour cherry juice then you haven’t lived! So I thought to myself “ok, why not try to make these cherries into a sauce to put on Greek yogurt?” And I did! And it was delicious. BUT HOW LIMITED!!! Now I’m thinking “why can’t this sauce take over the world? Let’s put it on everything!!” And I did!

Seriously, this sauce is so good with breakfast foods like Greek yogurt, oatmeal, and fruit…. And also so yummy on cake! I’m personally not a huge fan of chocolate cake with fruit, but if you are you should definitely try this combo. And don’t even get me started on cheesecake with cherry sauce. TO. DIE. FOR. I also used it to stuff sugared donuts and it rocked my world. It would be so good on butter croissants or in other delicious baked goods.

And this sauce doesn’t stop there. It goes with salty foods as well! It’s really good with pork – which may sound weird – but I figured if people like to pair pork with that weird mint jelly (in my opinion: ew) then why not pair it with cherry sauce? And trust me it works.

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And it’s also so so so so good with brie cheese. I AM DROOLING. Brie cheese on a cracker topped with a dollop of this cherry sauce is an easy and unique appetizer. And if you’re a fan of baked brie in a puff pastry crust, try spreading some of this on top of the brie before you wrap it in the pastry and pop it in the oven. And eat it with baguette. HOLY MOLY MY TUMMY IS CHEERING IN EXCITEMENT.




Prep time-10 mins

Cook time-10 mins

Total time-20 mins


World’s Most Versatile Cherry Sauce

Author: Natalia Alexander

Recipe type: Sauce

Cuisine: Greek

Serves: About 3 cups


½ lb (1 kilo) sour cherries*

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

4 tbsp. flour

*If you don’t have sour cherries, use regular cherries and add the juice of 1 lemon to the recipe


Cut off 2 little slices off each end of each cherry. If this is the cherry (__), you want to cut off the two parentheses

Set all of the slices aside

If you have a cherry de-piter, use it now to de-pit all of the cherries. If not, cut around the pit of each cherry

Once each cherry is cut up and you’ve gotten rid of the pits, chop up everything you cut from around the pit (not the slices you set aside)

Place this in a food processor or blender until it forms a sort of paste, or just mash with a spoon

Put the cup of water and cup of sugar in a sauce pan and bring to a boil

The sugar should be entirely dissolved in the water

Add the chopped up/pureed cherries (and juice of 2 lemons if you’re using regular cherries) and stir Now add the flour and mix thoroughly

In a few minutes the mix should start to get thick and pretty smooth

If it doesn’t get thicker add more flour little by little

If it doesn’t get smooth put it back in the blender or food processor for 10 seconds or until smooth

Take off the heat and place in a bowl to let cool

Once the sauce is warm and hot not, add the cherry slices in and mix

You can either serve the sauce warm, or place it in the fridge to cool and store for a few days



You can pair this sauce with:

Greek yogurt



Chocolate Cake


Brie cheese on crackers

Baked brie cheese in puff pastry

Pork dishes

As a filling for donuts or other baked goods

Natalia Alexander


Hi! I’m Natalia & I’m spreading the love of food and everything Greek. More about me »

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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