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GreeceUprooting or Healing Greece?

Uprooting or Healing Greece?

Hellenic News
Hellenic News
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By Evaggelos Vallianatos


World War II poisoned Greece. The Germans smashed the country. They shot, hanged, and starved hundreds of thousands of Greeks. And before they departed, they destroyed the country’s infrastructure.


The Germans, the British, Americans and the Soviets (Russians) sowed the seeds for Greek civil war. Each had its Greek followers.

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Greeks fiercely resisted the German occupiers. The resistance fighters, however, were divided by ideology. Many were communists or followed the Soviet Union (Russia). So when Britain and America broke their war ties with the Soviet Union after the defeat of the Germans, Greek communists faced a Greek army funded by Britain and America. The ensuing Greek civil war lasted until 1949.


The defeat of the Greek communists did not end the tragedy of Greece. The country is still divided. The civil war legacy of horrendous crimes clouds Greek culture.


The communists, for example, murdered two brothers of my father and a sister of my mother in the island of Kephalonia in western Greece. So I don’t like communists, Greek or of any other stripe.


Communism is a global ideology of class warfare. It espouses ideals of equality and brotherhood until it comes to power. Then it becomes a monster eating its own children. It eventually gets into the clothes of the capitalists it devours. It destroys private property and replaces it with gigantic capitalist-like state monopolies.


Communism also erases patriotism. Its homeland is the entire world. Like capitalism, communism is the father of the present raging globalization.


The Soviet Union applied communism in Russia by the wholesale destruction of traditional farming and culture. It glorified industrialization of everything. The result of this massive violence was tyranny.


This history is relevant because Alexis Tsipras, the new prime minister of Greece, is a product of communism. The name of his party, Syriza, is an acronym but, in Greek, it means something like uprooting. The party is a mixture of a variety of “leftist” and communist groups.


However, Tsipras is a prisoner of time. His communist metaphysics has to be put on standby while he faces the Troika, a capitalist monster of finance that holds the crushing debt of Greece.


The Troika is made up of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and America’s International Monetary Fund. These banking vultures have done to Greece what only Germany did during WWII: crush the livelihood of most Greeks. In fact, they have bested the Nazis: they have put up all of Greece for sale. The director of this waterboarding cabal is Germany. This is the same country that never paid any reparations to Greece for the devastation and atrocities it caused the country during WWII.


So Tsipras must be full of anger against these predatory capitalist institutions. I sympathize with him. He should refuse to pay back a debt designed to keep Greece in bondage.


Tsipras should also stop the privatization of water, harbors, and other national assets. If the EU continues to mouth the colonial platitudes of the Troika, he should take the country out of the EU and return to the Greek currency of the drachma.


Greece in 2015 needs a leader and a government to put her to work. There is no need to import things that Greeks can manufacture at home. Give these Greeks an opportunity to make the country self-sufficient.


Tsipras should convince the church to work with his government: putting the massive wealth of the church to jumpstart Greece’s road to economic freedom and political independence. Distribute church land to those willing and capable of becoming small family farmers. There’s also no need for the impoverished state to pay salaries to bishops and priests.


Urge and fund qualified city folk to also return to their villages. These new farmers can raise local food and make a contribution to national security. Greek villages are Greece.


I worry, however, about Tsipras and the survival of Greece as Greece. Being a communist, he sees no problem with the continuing influx of illegal Moslem migrants: hundreds of thousands of them from the war-torn Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East. This wave of Moslems reaches Greece through Greece’s terrible enemy: Turkey. In fact, Turkey is pushing Moslems to Greece a s weapon of conquest.


The calculations of Turkey are not farfetched. The economic calamity is shrinking the Greek population. Married Greek couples have few if any children. But Moslems have large families. So the Moslem demographic bomb is bound to explode in Greece in the not distant future.


That’s why the Syriza proposal to give Greek citizenship to the Moslem illegals in Greece is so outrageous. Maintaining that Greek borders will be left open is suicidal. It’s an invitation not merely to Moslems but to millions of desperate human beings from all over the world.


Should Tsipras follows through with such scatterbrain or, better yet, traitorous policies, it’s only a matter of a couple of decades before Greece becomes an Islamic country. This will be a nightmare that even the Turks failed to accomplish with four centuries of occupation. Syriza and Tsipras in particular would go down in history for the uprooting of Greece from herself, Europe, and Western civilization.


My advice to Tsipras is this: be a Greek patriot and abandon communism. Just look at Russia and China. Take care of your fellow Greek citizens. Restore Greek sovereignty. Heal the country with work, and the resumption of public health services and environmental protection. Safeguard the country’s ancient reassures and all Greek traditions.


Small Greece made the world.


Ask the international community to assist you in repatriating all illegal Moslems back to their home country. And seal the Greek borders.


The Greeks are very hospitable people. Their most important ancient god, Zeus, was Zeus Xenios, the god who protected foreigners. But before Greeks can accommodate some foreigners, they need to put their house in order.







The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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