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CommunityCultureThis year Paideia celebrates forty years of service to preservation and promotion...

This year Paideia celebrates forty years of service to preservation and promotion of Hellenic Letters and Culture.

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During this special holiday season, we write to you to wish you health and happiness and to thank you for your continued support and dedication to the noble mission of Hellenic Studies in America.  You would be glad to know that your support gives life to a host of valuable programs here and in Greece. 
This year Paideia celebrates forty years of service to preservation and promotion of Hellenic Letters and Culture.
December 1977 Paideia raised $650 to pay a part time instructor to teach the first Modern Greek language class at UCONN. Paideia raised this amount asking up to $10 donations only from CT Greek Americans 65 years of age and older. Manolis Meleounis, Rev. Panteleimon Fatsis, Harilaos Petrides, Polixeni Ziogas, Ilias Tomazos, Antonis Antonaras, Martha Velezis, Kostas Agortsas, P. Paintiris, Tsiflides, M. Kalogerides and many others donated $5 or $10 but most importantly gave in a moving way their blessings. These blessings of pappoudes and yiayiades of forty years ago are with us up to this day.
Today Paideia supports many classes in CT, out of CT and in Greece. Provides at least $150,000 in scholarships per year for study abroad programs in Greece to Greek American and non Greek American students. Erected educational/cultural facilities and Greek monuments in CT and in other states.
Everything is done because of your love for Greece and America, because of  your economic and moral help. Because students, Greek Pontians and others between you participated happily with hard volunteer work in any time of year under any weather condition to contribute for now and for the future.
Our main priority for first half of 2018 is to have full use of the Greek theater with the completion of the Spartan Museum.
Pangregorian of Connecticut helped for the Greek Theater and PanLaconian Federation helped for the Spartan Museum. Both organizations have been very instrumental for the progress up to now but both structures need more help. Both structures are up and look beautiful but need aesthetic work and completion of facilities to be worthy of the glorious Hellenic Culture and orthy of the Great State of Connecticut.
Please help to  have the grand opening all we are waiting on September 29 and 30, 2018.


Our wishes to you and yours for Happy Holidays, for a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! May all your wishes come true!
Paideia Board with UCONN and URI Hellenic Student Societies Paideia
 28 Dog Lane, PO BOX 818, Storrs, CT 06268

The Center for Hellenic Studies Paideia (HSP), is sponsoring a fundraising campaign to raise $250,000. The purpose is to promote Hellenic Studies and Culture at the University of Connecticut with completion of a Museum dedicated to History of Sparta/Laconia next to the existing facilities of Educational Building, open air Greek Theater and Greek Orthodox Chapel.


Your contribution will be an important factor in promoting Hellenic Letters and Hellenic Culture in Connecticut. Every dollar counts because with volunteer work Paideia friends contribute we achieve more work on the ground to last for generations.

Thanks for reading Hellenic News of America


Please accept our sincerest thanks for your continued support.



Name(s) please print clearly, for recognition listing




City, State, Zip Code


In recognition of the need, I (we) hereby subscribe and intend to pay the sum of:

_________________________________________________ Dollars ($ ____________)

To be paid in either cash, securities or other property of equivalent value to the HSP.

___________________________________    __________________________________

Signature                                            Date       Spouse signature                              Date

Balance to be paid as follows:

Year          Amount

Total Pledge     $___________________

2017     $_________________

2018     $_________________

We (donors) reserve the right to alter this commitment in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Please make checks payable to: H S Paideia, Museum Building Fund. Please mail to: Center for Hellenic Studies Paideia, UCONN campus,

28 Dog Lane, PO BOX 818, Storrs, CT 06268-0818


You can make a secure donation on line using PayPal visiting Major credit cards accepted. Paideia is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) not for profit organization with Federal Tax-ID #  22-2528692.


Please remember that everything Paideia achieved thus far is due to your loving support.



From the





TO: All who care for Hellenic Studies, Culture and Arts in Connecticut.


For the completion of an open air Greek Theater with a Spartan Museum at the Center for Hellenic Studies Paideia,

Storrs, CT  



December 2017














1)      Background …………………………………………………….…3

2)      “PAIDEIA” in Greece ……………………………………….……5

3)      Proposal ……………………………………………………………5

4)       Facilities ………………………………….…………………….….6

5)       Benefits …………………………………………….…..………….6

6)      Uses ………………………………………………………………..7

7)       Financial arrangements ………………………………………….7

8)       Significance of the project to US Hellenic Studies Programs ….8

9)      Significance of the project to the Greek American Community 8





Common aspirations and concerns among Greek American students in Connecticut led to the establishment of the Hellenic Society “PAIDEIA” in 1977.  The main purpose of “PAIDEIA” is to assist in any way possible Universities, Schools, Organizations and individuals in resources, research and guidance; especially pertaining to Greek language, Culture, Education, Art, History and Religion.

PAIDEIA” has received the widest possible support from people of all backgrounds, educational levels, ethnic heritage and financial means.

The long-range goals of “PAIDEIA” are to establish centers for Hellenic Studies at the American Universities. These facilities are intended to house and support numerous programs including the following:

  • Support Hellenic Studies programs (Classical, Byzantine, and Modern).
  • Support expanded Programs in Hellenic Studies here and in Greece.
  • Erect Classical Open-Air Greek Theaters.
  • Construct Replicas of Historical Greek Monuments.
  • House Hellenic libraries and research facilities for students, professors and the academic community at large.
  • Archival resources for the Greek American Communities and Organizations.
  • House art, historical and cultural exhibits and events.
  • Provide office support for students and instructors participating in Hellenic Studies programs.
  • Provide classroom facilities for credit and non-credit programs related to the Greek letters and culture from Classical Greece, Byzantium and Modern Greece.
  • Support programs of cultural, intellectual and spiritual content.
  • Promote and support educational/cultural exchange programs between Greece and the United States.
  • Support programs in Greek letter and culture that serve the needs of Greek and non-Greek communities.
  • Build Greek Orthodox Chapels. Provide a place where students and visitors can appreciate and learn the authentic Byzantine architecture and traditional art and décor of Greek Orthodox Chapel.

It is fitting that the name “PAIDEIA” has been selected as the name for the national organization dedicated to promoting Hellenic Studies at American Universities.  This translates not only as education and culture but also is the theme and title of Werner Jaeger’s classic three-volume work on the ideals of Greek civilization.

We hope that the structures we have erected and continue to develop stand as a fitting symbol to the ideals espoused by “PAIDEIA“.  It is our hope that building these facilities will leave to our new country a small return for the many goods things provided to us.  It is also our belief that we should leave something for our children to remember their forefathers.  It is our dream that with these facilities will not only stimulate and prosper learning, but also provide a symbol of friendship and love.

PAIDEIA is an American National Educational 501 C (3) Organization. With chapters in Connecticut and out of Connecticut. Attached please find literature from PAIDEIA’S Educational and Cultural activities.




P.O.BOX 818, STORRS, CT  06268

TEL. / FAX (860)429-8518

EMAIL: [email protected];




Paideia academic programs in Greece dated from 1984 with a summer class.

For sixteen years Paideia in Greece limited to summer classes. With a Stavros Niarchos Foundation generous grant of $50,000 a new experience, a new horizon opened having students and faculty not only from one institution.

Because mainly of this, in a relative short time, today Paideia programs are affiliated with State Greek Universities such as National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Aristotle University & Macedonia University in Thessaloniki, University of Aegean & National Center for Marine Research in Rhodes with year around academic programs (fall and spring semesters, winter intersession and summer programs). More than 300 students come in Greece for a period of three weeks to a year.


Hellenic Society “Paideia” has established chapters in a number of cities to assist our academic programs in Greece and USA.



The Hellenic Society “PAIDEIA” respectfully requests that appropriate funding of $250,000 be made available to our organization in order to complete the open air theater and a museum by May 2018 which are under construction at the Center for Hellenic Studies Paideia, University of Connecticut campus, 28 Dog Lane, Storrs, CT 06268

It is most appropriate for people who support Education, Culture and Arts to support this project, which will ennoble the State of Connecticut as a major center for Hellenic Studies and Culture.



The academic needs for today and the projected growth for the future give the settings for the size of a required Greek theater with a museum.  With this in mind and conditions received from local zoning department, the under construction plans we follow are for a complex of approximately 27,270 square feet.

         The complex next to our existing educational building and Greek Orthodox Chapel (the first and only in an American University) includes the following:

  1. I) A complete Theater with Orchestra, Cavea and Scene (Stage).
  2. II) A Museum of 8,700 SF.

         III) A small Cafeteria

  1. IV) Rest Rooms




The construction and operation of the first open air Greek Theater with a Museum in USA will give strength to existing academic Classics and Hellenic Studies Programs and will open new. It will meet existing needs and will open-up new relationships and future opportunities in other universities.  This Greek theater with a museum will enhance Paideia’s relations with academic communities near and far at high school and college level. 

        The building will provide a focus for Greek-Americans and other Greeks overseas and a place where others can learn about the Greek culture.

         The under construction complex will embody Greek learning and traditions as fundamental to the humanities among world cultures.  The outdoor and indoor spaces of this complex at the University of Connecticut campus will provide the site for social and intellectual engagement with the public, linking the ancient and modern worlds.


  • Educational Usages (for Elementary, High School and Institutions of Higher learning).
  • Theater productions without electronic amplification by not for profit groups.
  • Public Speeches & Debates.
  • Civic Events.
  • Displays of Greek and non Greek
  • Exhibits and Displays.
  • Art Laboratory.
  • Strength Classical and Theater Studies at College and High school levels to educational institutions with existing programs and assist to open new programs
  • Multi-Purpose The goal is to have spacious magnificent structures with multi-purpose functionality.
  • Field-Trips. This space will be available for field-trips to Greek and non Greek students to appreciate Greek art and Architecture.
  • Tourist attraction



          Paideia is acting as the general contractor for this project. The cost for this project with a general contractor could go over $15,000,000. Paideia construction team with architects, engineers, project managers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, students and volunteers make it a project of love bringing the cost down.

Up to this day removal of trees, clearing the land, excavations, footings, concrete foundations, earth/crash stone work, granite round steps, marble seats have been completed and installed.

The two story Hellenistic design Scene is almost finished. Aesthetic work is required especially covering both inside floors with mosaic art.

Marble solid seats are of similar dimensions to seats at Epidauros Theater in Peloponese.

If a donor would prefer to pay the granite/marble manufacturer for needed materials for the Museum, this will be fully accepted by Paideia.  

Hellenic Society “Paideia” is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the buildings.   

  • Strength Classical, Theater and Cultural Studies at College and High school levels to educational institutions with existing programs and assist to open new programs
  • Paideia can not have strong academic programs without a strong cultural component. Paideia can’t have high enrolments of students limited only to language classes. We need to have an interdisciplinary Hellenic studies with a number of programs and activities.

Greek-Americans view Paideia programs in US as this project of having a very high priority.  This project is considered very important to the Greek-American students and to the Greek people.  We see this project as one of the best opportunities to give something back to Greece and America.

         It is for this reason that “PAIDEIA” has dedicated itself to seeing this project through to completion.



The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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