A memorial celebration of the life and art of our beloved correspondent and friend, Lili Bita, will be held on Saturday, October 20, at 6:00 p.m. at Café Cornelia, 29 Cornelia Street, New York.  Author, actress, and musician, Lili was for thirty years part of the Hellenic News family, and a cultural ambassador of Hellenism widely recognized both in America and abroad.  A major cultural figure in Philadelphia as well, she was Artistic Director of the Theater Cooperative, which offered acclaimed productions of such classics of the Greek theater as Medea, Lysistrata, and The Bacchae.  The memorial will include readings of Lili’s work, musical tributes, and reminiscences of her long, varied, and richly accomplished career.  For further information, contact Robert Zaller at rzaller@msn.com.