American Farm School’s Greek Summer 2012 Program for U.S. Teenagers


For further information, please contact

Randall Warner, Communications Manger

American Farm School and Perrotis College

Thessaloniki, Greece

[email protected]

Telephone  +30-2310-492-738


 February 21, 2012 


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Greek Summer, the leading and longest running summer program in Greece for U.S. high school students, is designed for young people who choose to challenge themselves through immersion in another culture. Over the years since its founding in 1970, the American Farm School has built a tradition of helping Greek villagers meet their evolving needs through community service projects carried out by Greek Summer participants. The program concludes with a ten-day trip through Meteora, Delphi, Athens, Mycenae, Nemea, Nauplion, and other archaeological and historical sites of Greece, and culminates in a two-day ascent of Mt. Olympus.   During Greek Summer, young Americans undergo their own metamorphosis of thought and spirit as they live with village families and work to accomplish set goals.  The intensity of the experience leads them to realize new potential within themselves and each other. Of the nearly 2,000 alumni of Greek Summer, most consider it one of the pivotal growth experiences of their lives. 

Program dates for Greek Summer 2012 are June 25 through July 1.

Positions in Greek Summer 2012 are limited.  Please contact Ms. Rena Karypidou, Greek Summer Admissions, American Farm School, 12 Marinou Antipa Street, P.O. Box 23, Thessaloniki  55102 Greece.  Telephone +30-2310-492-890 and email:  [email protected]. Visit: to download the application.

Greek Summer is an odyssey, full of pitfalls and triumphs, and each of us returns home with a little of the reborn hero inside ourselves that Odysseus found on his own journey. –  William (Luke) Hamel, Greek Summer 2010



Ms. Randall Warner 
Communications Manager
American Farm School and Perrotis College
Marinou Antipa 12, P.O. Box 23                           Thessaloniki Greece 55102 
T. 2310-492-738  F. 2310-492-727            [email protected]