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CommunityAtlas Purchasing Pursues Aggressive Product Negotiations

Atlas Purchasing Pursues Aggressive Product Negotiations

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ATLAS was one of the second-generation Titans. He personified the quality of endurance (atlaô). In one tradition, Atlas led the Titanes in a rebellion against Zeus and was condemned to bear the heavens upon his shoulders. In another, he was said to have been appointed guardian of the pillars which held earth and sky asunder. He was also the god who instructed mankind in the art of astronomy, a tool which was used by sailors in navigation and farmers in measuring the seasons,”


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Endurance and strength in holding the heavens or world is the logo of Atlas Purchasing. “Providing profitable solutions for independent restaurants is our purpose,” explained Pete Sassos, Vice-President of Sales. “We obtain national rebates, purchasing incentives and ancillary (additional) Service Providers for members. A membership in the Atlas Purchasing Group can lower food costs and increase profits. In today’s economy, independent restaurant owners often find themselves at a major disadvantage when competing with major franchises and corporate chains. Our combined purchasing power influences the pricing we pay.”


The Vice-President of Sales believes “a membership in Atlas Purchasing Group gives these advantages now to the smaller independent owner. Combined purchasing as a whole gives the group the ability to negotiate preferred pricing and rebates with distributors and major manufacturers.” Participating manufacturers include: Westminster; Stratas; ConAgra; Tyson; Ken’s; Kellogg’s; Smuckers; Simplot;; Pierce; Packer; Pineland Farms; Mission; ACH Foods; Nestle; LaChoy; Kettle Cuisine; Kronos; Hatfield; Farmland; Equal; Dominic; Carlas; Dutch Quality; Burger Maker; Patriot Pickle; Olympia; Lamb Weston; Cabot Creamery and Father Sam’s Bakery.


“Atlas Purchasing has fifteen thousand owners all over the country,” explained Mr. Sassos. “Restaurants are the biggest employer of our country. Americans eat out.” Unique menu items and increased spending among older consumers are the two trends that will impact the Hospitality Industry in 2014. Atlas Purchasing Group is in tune with these trends. Mr. Sassos shared his vision with all by his booth in the 2014 Hermes Expo International Expo at The Concordville Inn on April 1 and 2, 2014.


“I use to be part of Pan Gregorian Enterprises (PGE) of Upper New York for eighteen years,” said the businessman. “I decided to leave….I opened my company two years ago in 2011. I did not go against Pan Gregorian Enterprises… I opened my company in a new geographic area in New England, Boston, Philadelphia, Maryland and the rest of our country.” His administrator is Alexandra Doxey.


Mr. Peter Tsagarakis, President of Pan Gregorian Upper New York, in an interview with this writer at the Hermes Expo International April 1st Gala in the Best Western Hotel of the Concordville Inn, in Concordville, Pennsylvania. praised Mr. Sassos business expertise. “We are all friends with Pete Sassos, a great man, who worked many years for Pan Gregorian. We all wish him the best in his projects and family life.


Pete (Panagiotis) Sassos is from Macedonia, Greece. A land destroyed by the Balkan Wars of the 1900’s, it was transformed by the Greek enterprising spirit into a commercial center. He was born in 1951 at Iraklitsa, Kavala in an Asia Minor settlement of former refugees. His town was named after Palea Iraklitsa in Asia Minor. In July 1969, he opened Texas Lunch restaurant in Poughkeepsie, New York with his father, Demetrios. “I was eighteen years old when I began in restaurants,” he said. “I have founded over fourteen restaurants, during the years in the Poughkeepsie area.” Nicole, Pete’s wife, who he married in 1971, is an instructor of Modern Greek at Poughkeepsie Greek Afternoon School for over fourteen years. His children are Alexandra Doxey, a businesswoman who operates Pete’s Famous Restaurant with her husband, Connie Martha Isaakides, an educator, Demetrios Sassos, a pharmacist and five grandchildren.


“I did it all: mop floors, wash dishes, every aspect of restaurant work,” he said. “Hard work! All honest work is good. I was President of the parish council of Kimisis Church in Poughkeepsie for many years. Over twenty years ago when Pan Gregorian Enterprises (PGE) was formed in Upper New York, restaurant owners called me to become Chairman of the Board.”


I was innovative through the years,” Pete points out. “I created new ideas and services to aid our independent restaurant owners and food service providers who offer quality food products and services to their customers. I am continuing this mission in Atlas Purchasing Group. All multi-ethnic owners are part of us, united under a central organization.


“Our goal is to provide quality food products and services to our customers, while maintaining a profitable bottom line,” said Sassos. “As a single, independent operator, one can not have the leveraged pricing benefits with suppliers as the corporate chains.


What we do is save money. We are not in this to make a profit from you. Today, every penny counts.” Mr. Sassos was honored for his unique work as a businessman by Mr. Paul Kotrotsios, Hellenic News of America publisher, former President of the Council of Hellenes Abroad and founder of Hermes Expo International on April 24th, 2010 at the Hermes Expo in Atlantic City. “We thank Pete Sassos…….. For their tremendous work …… “They accomplished a unique effort in bringing all to our events.”


“Give us a call,” said Pete Sassos. “There is no obligation consultation. Let us show you how to start lowering costs and increasing profits today!” Pete Sassos can be contacted at [email protected], telephone 917-340-3232, ext. 150 and cell phone 914 489-2173.


Photo:  Pete Sassos with Alexandra Doxey.  Photo by Stavroula Raia

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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